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More “pie in the sky” as Hogan and Johnny O praise another fleecing of the taxpayers
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th May 2019
Under Armour Omni Distribution
(Photo Credit: Under Armour)


Giddy with excitement, the Eastside politicians could not wait for the official announcement regarding the grand opening of the Under Armor Omni Warehouse at Tradepoint Atlantic, so they took a selfie. Just for the record, our Eastside elected officials are Sen. Johnny Salling and Delegates Ric Metzgar, Robin Grammer, and Bob Long.

Then we have Councilman Todd Crandell, who helped shape this corporate welfare debacle into reality. The cold hard facts of that fleecing of our taxpayer dollars can be found in Crandell’s legislation and his support of the $78 million loan to TPA for infrastructure upgrades.

TPA wasted no time in bringing in the VIPs, including Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, and former Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis, now known as a Baltimore businessman.

Noticeably absent were the two billionaire businessmen who are directly involved in the ownership of the once contaminated property known as Bethlehem Steel.

Way back when the dream of bringing back the grandeur of the good-paying middle-class jobs was still new, everyone wanted to jump on the TPA propaganda bandwagon.

Some of the chief architects regarding the fleecing of taxpayers in this corporate welfare boondoggle. (Photo Credit: Tradepoint Atlantic)

Below is a comment from Gov. Larry Hogan regarding Under Armor’s grand opening (or fleecing, if you will, of the taxpayers):

“Under Armour opened its new Omni Distribution House, a 1.3 million square feet facility, equivalent to the length of almost 23 football fields.

Gov. Larry Hogan was on site Wednesday in Sparrows Point, Baltimore County, for the grand opening of Under Armour’s newest facility.

‘Under Armour is really taking another giant step forward by becoming the largest new tenant here at this transformative, 3100-acre Trade Point Atlantic Project,’ Hogan said. …

The new Under Armour site features state-of-the-art technology and 14 miles of conveyor belt, which is long enough to reach its other facility in Tide’s Point.”

There is some important information missing in the governor’s statement, in which he uses the words “transformative, 3100-acre Trade Point Atlantic Project,”

One would think that Gov. Hogan would have a command of the dollars and cents regarding this corporate welfare boondoggle. There are numerous key factors left out of the political hype of Under Armour’s announcement.

A report from WBAL TV 11 news stated that the UA Omni facility was offering 600 jobs. What was not stated in any published article that the Post could find was the salary of those UA warehouse workers?

So, as always, The Baltimore Post did some research and found the following pay scale for UA workers who potentially will be employed at this warehouse facility. All of this media hype and propaganda left out the fact that those 600 jobs will pay approximately $11 an hour.

You also won’t see that information in this forecast regarding UA’s role as a major player in the sports apparel industry. That’s not the only alarming news from those that monitor the stock market and its potential impact on businesses such as UA as this report reveals.

Let’s not forget that this is a privately held company using our taxpayer money to ingratiate the bottom line. In the Baltimore Sun’s coverage of this story, it mentioned the following tax breaks:

Under Armour did not disclose how much it spent on the warehouse, though it did receive $2.2 million in conditional loans from the state and county to support the project. The state also funded $2 million in property and infrastructure improvements related to the project.
Let’s not forget what Johnny O had to say on this fleecing of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars:

I was proud to join Kevin Plank, Governor Larry Hogan, and special guests Coach Harbaugh and Ray Lewis to celebrate the opening of Under Armour Omni, a new 1.3 million square foot warehouse distribution located at Tradepoint Atlantic.

During our tour we met the talented team who is revitalizing Sparrows Point, including Mike–a longtime county resident who lives in Middle River! Mike is a great reminder that our strategic location and talented residents add to the vitality of our region’s economy.

Congrats to the Under Armour team and thanks for helping us build a#betterbaltimorecounty

Did our county executive forget that he supported the $78 million loan to TPA to upgrade infrastructure while our schools and roadways continue to crumble? Did he forget the number of campaign contributions he received from TPA?

How can any political leader be proud to fleece the taxpayers of monies that are needed for projects that do not ingratiate the bottom line of the gentleman featured in the below photo?

Mr. Biscotti was not involved in the Grand Opening. (Photo Credit: Forbes.com)

Folks, we are not dealing with rocket science here. Just connect the $$$ and the dots to the names and you begin to see a pattern. Are the 600 jobs at $11 per hour worth a whole pile of our tax dollars given to yet another billionaire businessman by the name of Kevin Plank, whose net worth was $2 billion in 2019?

As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”

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