Councilman Todd Crandell puts cronyism ahead of taxpayers
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th May 2019

Apparently, Councilman Todd Crandell feels it is far more important to deal with a CSX Railroad crossing than with a multitude of critical issues facing the 7th District.

It appears that the councilman’s priorities have not changed since 2014, as the below Facebook message indicates.

What is troubling about this particular post is that Mr. Crandell does not release any additional information on the repair efforts. The Post wonders why the big push over one railway crossing when the rest of the councilman’s district infrastructure is crumbling.

Most of our readers should be able to understand the motivation behind Mr. Crandell’s efforts after his years of diverting attention from far more important issues impacting his constituents.

We’ll provide some insight for the uninformed so the councilman’s efforts will make more sense. First, you need to understand the final destination for this particular set of railroad tracks.

You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count. But seriously, where else would railroad tracks in Dundalk located near the Peninsula Expressway lead?

Also, remember that these four Baltimore County politicians–Councilmen Todd Crandell and Julian Jones, the late Kevin Kamenetz, and Johnny O–are strongly associated with a recent loan of $78 million in taxpayer funds. And who received that loan, folks?

Again, you can guess who.

The Baltimore Post has been reporting since shortly after Councilman Crandell took office that his main intentions had nothing to do with his constituents.

In reality, this whole issue is not about one particular railroad crossing. In fact, the Post has received information that additional locations that lead directly into TPA are starting to receive upgrades.

Crandell’s connections to TPA go back a long way is this below photo illustrates:

Photo credit/Tradepoint Atlantic

In our last column, one particular troll commented that we were wrong in reporting that UA was not going to open a warehouse at the TPA site. The poster actually took glee in stating that our reporting was inaccurate.

Our response was we made multiple attempts through emails, phone calls, to get to the truth, and we were rebuffed every time. We responded to the troll that TPA and Under Armour put up a wall of silence.

Remember, folks, that we simply wanted to see a copy of the lease.

We believe the reason for the complete lack of transparency surrounding UA’s latest business venture had a lot to do more with taxpayer money given to another billionaire businessman, UA’s Kevin Plank. Given the current and potential business problems associated with UA’s role as a major player in the highly competitive sports apparel field, it’s no wonder that the fanfare was less than spectacular.

We found it rather strange that neither Johnny O nor Mr. Crandell featured the announcement on their government Facebook pages. After all, who would brag about providing a measly 600 jobs at an even more measly $11 an hour when the cost to taxpayers has been more than $4 million.

That’s a lot of our hard-earned dinero being diverted to Mr. Plank’s latest business venture.

In closing, we simply ask not only our readers but all middle-class taxpayers to read our latest column on this subject, as well as the analyst’s report on the viability of UA to become a featured player in the sports apparel industry.

One more question has to be asked and that is who pays for these new railroad tracks leading to now – three billionaires? Trust us folks when we say the PIA’s were on their way.

As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”

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