If you think you are a legal citizen of this country, the MVA will make you think twice
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th May 2019
“I was born in the USA.” only wonder if Mr. Springsteen knows where his proof is? (Photo credited/Wikipedia)

The iconic rock ‘n’ roll legend Bruce Springsteen bellowed the words:

“Born in the USA. I was born in the USA.”

Despite all of Mr. Springsteen’s accolades, gold records, Grammy awards, and documentation of his (hopefully) proud contributions as a US citizen, the MVA would be interested in only one thing–his Birth Certificate.

OAKLAND, UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 19: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band performing at the Oakland Coliseum on the Born in the U.S.A. tour on September 19, 1985 (Photo by Clayton Call/Redferns)

Picture this–you were born legally in this country, raised in this country, and even served your country in a variety of ways. Yet, one day you receive a letter in the mail from MVA wanting more of your hard-earned money, because the state always has its hand out for something.

In this case, the MVA fleecing involved the driver’s license renewal process. Many have gone through this process for decades without so much as a whimper, but today we are faced with an unsettling feeling that resembles a sudden onslaught of gastritis. The bubbles begin to churn when the letter from MVA states that you now must prove that you are, beyond a doubt, a United States Citizen.

(Folks, you may begin to realize that this column reveals a personal experience. Just bear with us…)

As one reads the requirements that must be met, a full panic may begin to set in as you fear that you lack the documentation to prove just who the hell you are.

The MVA letter states in big, bold letters that you need the following:

You Will Need to Present Documents At Your Local branch For Your Next Renewal

Below is a list of documents you must bring to have a”New Secure Driver’s License and ID Colored.

  • One (1) proof of identity – original or certified copy of US Birth Certificate or valid, unexpired US Passport
  • One (1) proof of Social Security – Social Security Card, w-2, or SSA – 1099 form
  • To (2) proofs of Maryland Residency

Without any of the above documents, don’t bother to show up to get a new driver’s license or ID card.

We have it on good authority that the MVA caused this whole nightmare by being one of the first to adopt the “Real ID” and then not follow the requirements set up by the Department of Homeland Security. It’s all over the news how people will have their licenses recalled or invalid if they don’t pony up with the paperwork. We can only imagine how many millions of dollars the MVA is spending on employee overtime to drag millions of people who already had their licenses renewed back to the branches to have their documents scanned.

The part that strikes us as rather ludicrous is at the top of one of the brochures explaining this boondoggle–there you find the words, “Maryland Protected, Maryland Proud.” Since, for all intents and purposes, Maryland is considered a sanctuary state, and doubly considering that the MVA provides driver’s licenses and ID cards for undocumented individuals, those words on the pamphlet ring very hollow.

It even gets more confusing when you start reading the fine print. To make matters even worse, some people we interviewed were just as perplexed as some of the employees. Wait times for services could run up to three hours or more. If you choose to go online and try to figure out how to make an appointment, all we can say is “good luck.” If you decide to contact the MVA by phone, you get the runaround through an automated system and maze of phone transfers to several departments, which practically encourages you to hang up in frustration. One person we interviewed complained that they were transferred time and time again until they were disconnected.

So much for government efficiency.

Imagine how a legalized American citizen who gathered up every document you could find–Social Security card, government ID card and plenty of other forms of photo IDs, utility bills, and other paperwork you thought might show that you were real–only to be told that wasn’t enough. A gentleman we spoke with told us his passport had expired, so he was turned away after waiting over an hour to get his license renewed.

The Post could not print some of the comments made by people who were somewhat displeased with their predicament.

For some (again, personal experience), when the letter from MVA asked for a birth certificate, contacting Baltimore City to get a copy (because many people haven’t seen that particular document for decades) leads down an even worse path. Remember, the city is more screwed up than the MVA due to the malware and ransom issue.

Basically, in that instance, all you will get is something that is supposed to pass for sympathy.

So while the largest influx of illegals continues to come into this country and get licenses and ID cards without any documentation at all, we fail to see how it makes any sense at all that this sanctuary state would demand that someone born in this country produce so much documentation that may or may not be readily available.

In closing, the MVA brochure shows illustrations of the various types of ID identification with the words, SAFE, SECURE, PROTECTED printed next to them. How insane are those words to legal citizens who may be homeless, jobless, or just have no clue where their birth certificate is, especially when undocumented people can get a license or ID card?

Just remember those who created this whole mess the next time you go to vote. Hold them accountable when they are seeking reelection.



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