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Father sues over young son’s death after autopsy reveals CTE
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th May 2019
The father of this young man is suing a football helmet manufacturer for the wrongful death of his son; a death attributed to CTE. (Photo credit/The New York Post)

As the publisher of The Baltimore Post, when I saw this story in the New York Post, I flashed back to the movie Concussion.

Typically, an article such as this one would be published on one of the wire feeds we get from various publications. However, the Post has reported on this issue in the past, particularly focusing on an incident involving former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

We were rather alarmed at how Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco was basically kicked to the curb by team management. Joe Flacco was the face of the Baltimore Ravens until he was no longer useful and was cast aside by the types of characters presented in the movie Concussion.

Before passing judgment on the NY Post column, I would strongly suggest that parents of young children watch the movie Concussion because, at the very least, it may give some cause for concern.

According to the NY Post, the young gentleman pictured above died young and tragically. Here is a quote from the article that was particularly interesting:

“I think this ruling is also precedent-setting because we are looking at injuries that occurred far earlier than we had ever thought they were occurring,” Hamblin’s lawyer, Bob Finnerty from the firm of Girardi Keese firm, told The Post about Cody, who died at 22 years of age.

As always, the Post tries to seek the truth, so we did some more research. As a result, we found the below video clip on this alarming subject:

According to some experts, if 10% of parents prohibit their children from playing tackle football, the impact on the NFL’s image would be huge.

This, unfortunately, will not be the last life snuffed out by an insidious disorder. The truly sad part about CTE is that it takes a progressively slow toll on those who suffer from the dreaded disease. Nonetheless, it is directly akin to the days of the ancient Roman gladiators as we watch these mighty warriors of the gridiron sacrifice their health for our amusement.

We all know what happened to the Roman Empire–are we following in their footsteps? After all, as a wise man once said, those who forget about the past are doomed to repeat it.

To close this column, let’s hear from one of the true all-time greats of football:



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