The Sun can’t blame these clouds on climate change
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 25th May 2019
It’s all fun and games until they pick your pockets. (Photo Credit:

One would hope that a major player in the news biz like The Baltimore Sun would at least try and report the facts and not engage in partisan politics.

It’s a pipe dream at best, folks.

A prime example is the Sun’s latest (or in this case the cloudiest) report on one the most important issues impacting Baltimore County taxpayers in the last 30 years.

Unlike The Sun, The Baltimore Post will shoot straight about one of the most recent topics (the tax increase) that will impact county residents for decades to come.

It is a well-known fact that The Sun endorsed liberal Democrat John Olszewski, Jr., who slants toward progressive socialism. This is where the clouds come into play in the Sun’s reporting because they failed to deal with exactly how this budget crisis came to fruition.

We wonder why  they hid some of the main issues.

First, the Post looks at the so-called budget crisis claimed by Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. The “climate change” in our headline actually refers to two important issues—the dollars and cents and, in the case of the Sun’s reporting, the lack thereof.

In the Sun’s article on the council’s road to the tax increase, there were a couple of omissions by the Sun. In our opinion, the Post believes that the Sun made a significant error in how Baltimore County came to inherit an $81 million budget shortfall.

All that the Sun reporter would’ve needed was a device such as a crayon, pencil, rock, or something that could add or subtract. In our modest efforts to reveal the truth, we will do some math to uncover the cover-up left behind by the corporate cronyism that led to this fiscal debacle.

The Baltimore Post will use just one finger to solve this budget riddle.

Finger number one, not the middle one, deals the $81 million deficit. Take this so-called deficit and shove it right back on the politicians who created it. The two prime suspects, or councilperson’s if you will, who created this corporate cronyism/welfare were Councilmen Todd Crandell and Julian Jones.

Mr. Crandell was responsible for the $78 million loan to Tradepoint Atlantic with the help of Julian Jones, who introduced a bill on behalf of Johnny O that  fleeced the taxpayers of Baltimore County. What is especially egregious in this issue was that it appeared that Jones also ingratiated his own bottom line with a nice but suspicious contract with the BCPS.

Not a bad job if you are a well-heeled connected politician. (Photo credit/Baltimore County Maryland)

Then you have the following quote (or outright deception) by 7th District Councilman Todd Crandell in a comment from a Sun article dealing with the councils vote on the tax increase:

“I could not in good conscience go back to my district and tell my constituency that I supported a budget that is supported by higher taxes for hard-working people in Baltimore County,” he told reporters after the meeting.

Apparently, Councilman Crandell forgot about the loan to Tradepoint Atlantic plus the additional $2 million for Under Armour’s grandiose announcement of their new warehouse, which will employ all of 600 people at $11 an hour.

Let us not forget the $43 million loan that went to Towson Row, so no matter how you add up the dollars and cents the figures will still show that the county deficit debacle was more mismanagement of taxpayer funds to ingratiate the well-heeled developers.

We doubt that Councilman Crandell a lapse in memory but choose to misrepresent the facts to his constituents deliberately. (Photo credit/Tradepoint Atlantic)

It is simple math, folks. No matter how you add up the numbers, you can see where the taxpayers get shafted yet again.



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