Ocean City threatened by foreign investors and politicians with ties to Tradepoint Atlantic
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 3rd June 2019
Does anyone notice the sailboat among these giant ‘windbag’ turbines? ( Photo credit/Delmarva Now)

Once again, the tentacles of Tradepoint Atlantic are impacting areas throughout the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland.

And, as this article indicates, possibly the very air that we breathe.

This is not the first time The Baltimore Post has reported on this issue.

Guess who is pushing this continued fleecing of your precious tax dollars? It is our RINO (“Republican in name only”) Governor, Larry Hogan.

If anyone truly believes that politicians actually care about their constituents, this column should put an end to that myth.

A prime example of the political cesspool is now draining into the waters off Ocean City and will eventually wipe away possibly everything that has made this beach resort a huge part of Maryland’s tourism industry.

The sad part about this whole debacle is that it benefits an overseas company attempting to steal our precious taxpayer dollars with false and unproven information. The $$$, like breadcrumbs, are not hard to follow in this tangled web of deception.

And you can be sure the pols will have no clue as to the reality they believe behind.

Before we pull back the onion skin on this smelly deal, let’s take a look at what is actually taking place in Ocean City. A company called US Wind (ironically) is staging yet another foreign invasion for the sole purpose of ingratiating the bottom line through corporate welfare and cronyism. For those who choose not to believe the truth, here is a message from the company that actually owns US Wind:

Società di Diritto americano, fondata nel 2011, che ha acquisito 2 concessioni marittime a largo del New Jersey e del Maryland con l’obiettivo di autorizzare e successivamente costruire 2 impianti per la produzione di energia elettrica da fonte eolica Off-Shore.

Take a moment and read this article, which should, at least in some people’s minds, explain what is happening.

Here is the problem with all this gobbledygook: these programs simply do not work and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars while supporting a liberal agenda dating back to the Obama administration.

Even President Donald Trump has a bone to pick with the hot air surrounding the use of wind turbines. You won’t find this article in any search using Google because it runs against the narrative of the liberal agenda.

This was a study done in the UK that reveals the reality of wind turbines.

Hopefully, we will be able to expose some of the political shenanigans behind this green energy fleecing of taxpayers. Everyone wants to be energy-efficient; hopefully, through science and technology, we will be able to obtain that goal someday soon.

Until then, the Post will continue to call out every one of our politicians hell-bent on promoting more corporate welfare and cronyism.

In closing, this should sum up the reality of this Obama-era nonsense:

Wind farms can end up being surprisingly environmentally unfriendly, too. When the wind does not blow and the turbines fail to do their job, consumers have to fall back on the very fossil fuels that they were designed to replace. The result is that we come to rely on foreign imports of oil and gas that hit the household budget hard (domestic coal stations that ought to supply more of the demand have been closed in order to meet carbon-emission reduction targets). Moreover, wind farms can be a blot on the landscape: the dormant turbines take up large tracts of land and kill wildlife; it is the visual pollution of our beautiful countryside that has led some communities to protest against their presence.


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