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Crandell spews propaganda over budget vote while Bevins plans another landgrab
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th June 2019


Crandell’s pants must be on fire after spewing his latest web of political propaganda. (Photo credit/Facebook)

Councilman Todd Crandell wants all of his 7th District constituents to believe that the sole reason he decided to vote no on Johnny O’s proposed tax increase was his concern for the hard-working middle-class taxpayers. Like the smirk on the face of the councilman in the above photo, his recent letter to the Dundalk Eagle left out some significant facts that prove his comments to be rather lame.

The Post will paraphrase the overall content of the letter so our readers won’t gag on the swill offered as truth.

When a politician controls the message to the lame-stream media, it is relatively easy to pull the wool over some peoples’ eyes. The proof is found in the $$$ and cents, as expressed in his letter in the Dundalk Eagle’s “BY THE PEOPLE” edition on May 30, 2019.

The politically motivated letter starts misleading people right from the beginning.

The councilman laments about the tax increase levied by Johnny O and the impact on thousands of jobs returning to “the point.” Of course, he was referring to his pet project–Tradepoint Atlantic.

Councilman Crandell left out of his letter that he actively supported TPA and the $78 million fleecing of taxpayers to ingratiate the bottom line of the gentleman pictured below.

(Photo credit/Forbes)

Crandell also mentions two other issues that will impact his constituents in a very negative way. He speaks about pushing back on Section 8 housing, yet he voted yes to another TPA pet project involving another billionaire businessman–Kevin Plank, the owner of Under Armour.

Here is what Councilman Crandell’s letter does not reveal regarding his supposed support of his 7th District constituents.

He forgot to mention his vote on the $43 million gift to Towson Row. He also forgets that to stop Section 8 housing you provide living wage jobs and not the 600 jobs at the UA warehouse at $11 an hour.

Yet he voted to give Mr. Planck a $2 million loan.

He also attacked the BCPS STAT program, which he also supported earlier when Dr. Dallas Dance introduced it to rave reviews.

We all know just what a flop that program was.

Councilman Crandell also forgets that the overwhelming number of jobs at TPA are coming from Baltimore City. That is why MTA runs a bus route directly from Baltimore City to the front doors of TPA.

Another land grab by the pay-to-play councilwoman. (Photo credit/Facebook)

Meanwhile, Councilman Cathy Bevins’ plans to develop a parcel of property has many community activists quite upset. The funny part about this whole issue is that the 6th District councilwoman has never balked against the accusation that she takes money from developers.

If you don’t believe us, just drive the Route 43 corridor and look for yourselves.

Rather than opine on this issue, we will let someone who really knows the back door politics of Mrs. Bevins do the talking–Ryan Nawrocki. All one has to do is read his Facebook posting and you’ll get the essence of the entire situation.

If anyone thinks that our featured photo showing “two of a kind” demonstrates a winning hand, then you are playing a dangerous game with our taxpayer dollars.

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