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“All aboard” as Crandell pushes CSX railroad repairs to benefit Tradepoint Atlantic
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th June 2019


In the vernacular, this picture is referred to as photo evidence. (Photo credit/Tradepoint Atlantic)

Two political sources confirmed our suspicions that Councilman Todd Crandell’s efforts to repair the CSX railroad crossing on Merritt Boulevard is once again nothing more than another method of giving taxpayer funds to private enterprise known as Tradepoint Atlantic.

Both of the Post’s sources are Annapolis politicians who have direct knowledge of the facts surrounding this and other events related to TPA and its continued fleecing of middle-class taxpayers.

Earlier, The Baltimore Post filed a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request seeking all records and correspondence between Councilman Todd Crandell and anyone associated with the repairs to the CSX tracks. It should be noted that these tracks will lead directly to TPA, according to our sources. The Post also believes that the taxpayers will bear the brunt of these repairs.

In addition to the councilman’s push to ingratiate the bottom line of three billionaire businessmen—Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, his billionaire cousin Jim Davis, and Under Armour’s Kevin Plank—there are more issues that cloud Mr. Crandell’s intentions. Some of those clouds may include contaminated dust and other environmental concerns according to the political insider who has direct knowledge of this type of information.

(Photo credit/Forbes)

Our source also told us that the MDE was involved in this situation. The Post might remind our readers of what took place shortly after 9/11 when EPA officials claimed the air was safe to breathe around Ground Zero after the worst attack on American soil in history.

As we learned during recent testimony before Congress, many of the first responders to Ground Zero have died as a result of breathing that so-called clean-air.

Folks, that may be the worst case of “Fake” news in history, as the following video reveals:

The Baltimore Post has continued to investigate the close ties between Councilman Crandell and TPA. In this article, one can clearly see that Mr. Crandell is doing the bidding of TPA regarding the private enterprise using political influence at the expense of the middle class taxpayers of Baltimore County. The Post also believes that our MPIA request will show that there are many more politicians jumping aboard the TPA bandwagon.

The Baltimore Post continues to ask why taxpayers should have to foot the bill for a private enterprise owned by billionaires. The Post has repeatedly shown that this is nothing more than political cronyism involving corporate welfare. Our source believes this entire taxpayer fleecing is worth it because TPA is providing jobs. We have written about the fact that most of the jobs at TPA are low skill, cheap labor positions that do not pay a living wage, thus adding more burden to Baltimore County taxpayers.

Take, for example, the new UA warehouse that just opened on the TPA site. The total number of jobs is 600, and the average hourly wage is $11. Take a look at this Baltimore County living wage calculator and you will see that these types of low skilled jobs will only add to the welfare rolls.

Speaking of who pays the toll, who do you think is going to foot the bill to fix the approximately 85-year-old  train trestle Bear Creek Bridge?

Certainly not Mr. Bisciotti, Mr. Davis, or Mr. Plank.

Folks, this is a matter of dollars and sense. Baltimore County had the dollars but not enough sense to spend them in a manner that would benefit the taxpayers. Instead, the county chose to ingratiate the bottom line of their corporate cronies.

Councilman Crandell was behind the $78 million loan for TPAs infrastructure while his constituents drive over potholes on county roads. In addition to the rest of the corporate crony County Council, Johnny O has shown his repeated support of corporate welfare for TPA and 0ther developers.

When the Post receives the information from our MPIA request back, we believe it will reveal other political cronies who keep dipping their hands in the till, so to speak.

Stay tuned, folks.



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