East Side town hall meeting could feature some contemptuous pre-holiday fireworks
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 23rd June 2019
Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt may face some tough questions on east side crime. (Photo credit/Baltimore County)

The Town Hall meetings scheduled for Monday evening at 6:30 pm at CCBC-Dundalk could get rather contemptuous according to one community leader.

Or, we should say, one community leader so far.

There are many issues facing that will be brought to the forefront during the meeting, one of which is the recent disturbance at Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar.

The east side of Baltimore County has been in the recent news for all the wrong reasons, including what we believe is an out-of-control crime issue. Take, for example, the following Facebook post detailing a problem that has long been associated with Baltimore City:

Coming down my old childhood Street I get to the end of the street on North Point Road I get indulged by dirt bike riders 4 wheelers they where everywhere they almost hit me and then almost hit my wife when I called the police they told me they are not allowed to have any contact with these people that are breaking the laws. If they killed me or my wife with their dangerous riding where does that leave me at? Where are elected officials in the county because the police said they can’t do anything. I called the Dundalk Precinct at Eastwood and officer Harper flat out told me they could not interact with these law breakers. The city is coming to the county very quickly and if we can’t elect politicians to enforce our laws we need a change in the next election . This crap needs to end before someone dies again like REDACTED

The Baltimore Post was able to confirm through Delegate Bob Long that the current policy of the Baltimore County PD is that officers are not to pursue dirt bikes if, after encountering illegal activity, the bikers attempt to elude the police.

Another issue that may surface at the meeting is the recent assault of a School Resource Officer (SRO) at the Holabird Middle School.

As if the school violence isn’t enough, the Post has reported on the lack of transparency from BCPS.

The other two “elephants in the room” deal with the two riots at the Eastpoint Mall, after which county officials attempted to downplay the impact on the surrounding communities.

We want to make one thing perfectly clear–the men and women serving in the Baltimore County PD can only perform their duties within the limits set by our political leaders and their agendas. Right now, it appears that the pols’ only move is to disavow that Baltimore County has a crime problem.

In the majority of these explosive situations, The Baltimore Post has reached out to our political leaders. Two delegates, Ric Metzgar and Bob Long, spoke up when contacted. The other voices that took a sworn oath to serve their constituents have consistently “pleaded the fifth.”

Councilman Todd Crandell seemingly only speaks to the lame stream media when he has some tripe to shill about Tradepoint Atlantic. Meanwhile, Sen. Johnny Salling and Delegate Robin Grammer also have their lips sealed.

The Post will give credit when credit is due–County Executive Johnny O has always responded to our queries.

Sadly, the rest of the nonspeaking pols only seem to care about “grip and grin” photo ops and spewing propaganda.

The Baltimore Post has contacted county officials who stated that the Town Hall meeting will be live streamed through Facebook. For those who cannot be at the meeting, the Post will provide a link to the stream.

Hopefully, this time there will be no break in the live feed provided by county officials.

For now, as the old saying goes: “Tune in or drop out.” We hope those who want a truly “Better Baltimore County” will speak out against the socialist/Democratic/progressive agenda that is being championed by Johnny O. We believe this oppressive force will bring us to our knees if the situation is allowed to be continued unabated.




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