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Fox’s Carlson says wind farms pose danger, Rep. Harris wants to investigate misuse of federal tax dollars
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th June 2019
wind farms
Fishermen and scientists say wind farms pose a grave danger to our oceans. (Photo Credit/dwwind.com)

The Baltimore Post is not the only media outlet speaking out on the Democrats’ “New Green Deal.” While appearing on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show, Rep. Andy Harris, who represents Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is calling for a study into the misuse of federal taxpayer funds that often wind up in the hands of foreign companies attempting to ingratiate their bottom line through these wind farms.

On the June 25, 2019 show, Mr. Carlson interviewed commercial fishermen who described the impact of these wind farms on their businesses. One particular interviewee said the wind farms have the potential to devastate the commercial fishing industry.

Some of the issues raised by Mr. Carlson included:

  • Federal government policies that could impact commercial fishermen and possibly put many of them out of business due to the location of these wind farms.
  • A recent study by English scientists discovered that the noise generated by wind farms impact sea life, such as whales that sometimes end up beached on our shores.
  • An English scientist also stated that commercial vessels will be prohibited from operating within the confines of the wind farms due to navigational issues.
  • Massive amounts of lobbyist dollars in Congress are creating pathways for overseas wind power companies to fleece U.S. taxpayers.
  • One of the largest U.S. wind farms is planned for Martha’s Vineyard off the East Coast. The size of this project is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island.

According to Rep. Harris, the capital needed to build and maintain these wind farms make them the costliest way of producing electricity.

Propaganda, like an article that appeared in Yahoo Finance, reveals the influence these overseas companies have over our politicians, who then fork over U.S. taxpayer dollars to enhance the bottom line of the foreign entities.

Both the fishermen and Mr. Carlson said that President Trump could intervene and put a stop to this madness. It should be noted that President Trump does not support the concept of wind farms, but he has not yet taken action to put a stop to these foreign money-grabbing enterprises.

Locally, we know just what it’s like to have our tax dollars sucked out of the public till by private enterprise. Tradepoint Atlantic again has its fingers in the cookie jar, as this article reveals.

How terrible that some of our political leaders also have no issue using our precious, hard-earned tax dollars to provide corporate welfare to private entities.

Remember, Councilman Todd Crandell started this whole taxpayer fleecing by pushing through a bill that would grant Tradepoint Atlantic a $78 million loan to upgrade the infrastructure. Jumping on board that bandwagon were Senator Johnny Salling and Delegates Robin Grammer and Bob Long.

One of the commercial fishermen interviewed for Mr. Carlson’s inside look at the wind farm debacle asked a very poignant question: “Whatever happened to putting Americans first?”

We have no doubt that many U.S. taxpayers ask that question daily, folks. Especially with all of the wind, or hot air, coming from our so-called political leaders.



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