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Public Information Act request reveals councilman misled the public
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th July 2019
When it comes to the truth, looks can be deceiving. Photo Credit: Facebook.com


Crandell-and-tradepoint atlantic
Why no emails involving TPA? (Photo credit/Tradepoint Atlantic)

After Baltimore County Councilman Todd Crandell posted a message on his Facebook page regarding the dire need of repairs to the CSX railroad tracks on Merritt Boulevard in Dundalk, the Baltimore Post became suspicious.

Why the sudden urgency to repair a track that, according to one well-informed community leader, has largely gone unused?

In order to get to the truth, the Post filed an MPIA (Maryland Public Information Act) request pertaining to the Councilman’s claim that many constituents complained about the track disrepair. What we discovered as a result was particularly disturbing in a variety of ways.

The response contained 135 pages of emails between Councilman Crandell’s office, Congressman Dutch Rupperberger’s office, Sen. Johnny Sailling, and other Baltimore County officials. And we read every single page, folks.

However, we did not find a single email documenting a constituent complaint, despite what the photo on Facebook purportedly showed.

Rather, our quest for information revealed quite the opposite of what Councilman Crandell wrote in his Facebook post.

Read carefully the following email from Doug Anderson, who is the chief aide to the councilman–you’ll find no evidence of any constituent complaints. In fact, the email states unequivocally that there are no formal complaints on file.

To enlarge, please click on the image belowCSX-PIA


Now what is also shocking to us was the complete lack of correspondence regarding Tradepoint Atlantic. Just to remind our readers, it was Councilman Crandell who strongly supported TPA and their efforts to grab a very large piece of corporate welfare. The Post exposed that true agenda of crony capitalism through these exclusive emails.

This blatant effort to mislead the taxpayers is yet another attempt from TPA to use our tax dollars to ingratiate their bottom line. All one has to do is look where these CSX tracks lead–right to the heart of TPA. We guess that this is once again a way for TPA to combine the winning combination of cheap land with cheap labor plus a $78 million county “gift” to improve the TPA infrastructure.

Maybe if Councilman Crandell devoted as much attention to our crumbling roadways as he did to providing TPA with their infrastructure upgrades the CSX Railroad might’ve been an afterthought.

The following email from CSX indicates the problem lies more with the deplorable conditions of county roadways:

To enlarge, please click on the image belowCSX-PIA_Brian-Hammock

Another disturbing document found in our MPIA request was a 1954 agreement between the old B&O Railroad that firmly places the tax burden on both Baltimore County and Baltimore City taxpayers for the required railroad track maintenance.

To put what is known as a fork in this turkey, please view the following video taken by another one of Crandell’s aides. You can clearly see the potholes prior to the crossing that actually led to its destabilization.

The Baltimore Post firmly believes that this whole concocted problem stems from Mr. Crandell and our other elected officials attempting to fleece our precious tax dollars to ingratiate the bottom lines of billionaires Steve Bisciootti, Kevin Plank, and Jim Davis.

We already know that Johnny O supports his fellow pols in supporting this corporate cronyism.

Folks, this will only stop when we “drain the swamp.”


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