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Baltimore County Councilwoman calls resident, political candidate ‘whack job’ and ‘douche’
Posted by Ann Costantino on 15th July 2019

—– By: Ann Costantino —–

Baltimore County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, District 6

In a Sunday night social media rant, Baltimore County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins did not shy away from an opportunity to show her disapproval of a Facebook post shared by a resident and political candidate, calling the poster some derogatory names.

“You lost big and that’s what happens when you run a hateful, dishonest campaign.  I remember you when you were a little kid..what happened to you? Leaders are suppose [sic] to bring people together not tear apart. You [sic] comment says it all your [sic] a douche.”

Tim Fazenbaker, who ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate against Republican District 7 Councilman Todd Crandell in 2018, says Bevins’ comments were unprovoked, occurring hours after he posted a photo of himself with his quote, “Asking people who didn’t go to college to pay student loans is like asking the homeless to pay for your mortgage.”

By the comment, Fazenbaker says he was referring to a national conversation about taxpayers being asked to pay for student loans when some of those taxpayers have not have attended college or are unable to afford it, themselves. 

He said he thinks Bevins, a Democrat and three-time council member who represents Baltimore County’s sixth district, was actually taking the opportunity to gawk at his run for US Congress.  He said that he had never communicated with Bevins on Facebook – or anywhere else – before Sunday.

Fazenbaker filed as a Republican candidate for the 2020 US Congressional election on July 11 to represent Maryland’s second congressional district.  Democratic Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger currently holds the office.

The Facebook post and comments appeared in the 14,000 member Facebook group called Parkville MD The real people of 21234.  Screenshots of the exchange were shared across the social media platform.

Under Fazenbaker’s post, Bevins commented, “This guy is a whack job [sic]!! What he didn’t do to get his 300 votes in 2018!”

The two exchanged barbs – Bevins called Fazenbaker a (Donald) “Trumper,” Fazenbaker called Bevins a “Socialist.”  Then Fazenbaker asked Bevins to stop contacting him, ultimately blocking her – then unblocking her – on Facebook when she would not relent.

Bevins is one of only two Baltimore County Council members who has never responded to The Baltimore Post’s direct requests for comment.  She also did not respond to numerous requests to explain the context of her comments directed at Fazenbaker.

But in her comments under his Facebook post, Bevins said she had not contacted him directly, “I’ve never contacted you ever! Your [sic] on a public page!  Your [sic] not important Tim. Please.”

In an early morning interview on Monday, Fazenbaker told The Baltimore Post, “It is beneath the officeholder to speak like that to residents…constituents… or a potential congressperson, myself. I would hope that Ruppersberger would denounce her words,” he said. “Coming from her position, she also demeans millions of people – and people in this district – by assuming that I am a ‘Trumper,’ while (adding) a negative connotation to that.”



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