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FOP files unfair labor practice against county administration
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th July 2019
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The Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the Olszewski administration for conducting a promotional draft without the involvement of FOP representatives.

The FOP Executive Board approved the filing on February 25, 2019, according to the FOP in-house publication “The Fourword.”

Since the original filing, the county has conducted two additional promotion drafts without FOP input. The publication also stated that current Baltimore County FOP President Cole Weston has been in contact with the county office of Human Resources continually voicing the FOP’s objection to this practice and notifying the county of the union’s intent to proceed with the filing.

As recently as May 17, 2019, the county has made gestures toward meeting with the FOP in an attempt to reach some sort of resolution.

This is not the first time the FOP has taken opposition to the county’s practices. Under the Kamenetz administration, then-county administrator Fred Homan became a target of the federal government for Americans with Disabilities violations.

It took tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to settle those ADA claims.

The Baltimore Post questions why Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. would not want input from the FOP regarding the leadership of the police department. Remember, it was Johnny O who made a campaign promise to have a government that is transparent and inclusive for its citizens. Judging by the town hall meeting that took place on the east side of Baltimore County, the promised transparency may be waning, particularly following the recent disturbance at Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar.

For the record, the FOP supported Republican Al Redmer Jr. over Johnny O in the county executive race.

If Johnny O wants to go back on his promise of not raising our taxes, then–at the very least–he could keep his promise of an “open and transparent government,” which was the supposed hallmark of his campaign.

The Post will continue to follow this story. Stay tuned, folks.


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