Another possible homicide linked to unregistered east side rental property
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd July 2019
In an unrelated double homicide that occurred on Wise Ave. in Dundalk also involved an unregistered rental property. (Photo credit: The Baltimore Post)

(Note: The incident involved this article is completely different from the Wise Ave. double homicide. The Post chose to use the above-featured photo as a reminder that these types of situations still have not been addressed by our political officials. Regarding this new potential homicide, the sources that contacted the Post requested anonymity.)

Section 8 troubles have surfaced once again in Baltimore County. The Baltimore Post was contacted by several residents who offered vital information about a recent potential homicide on the east side. However, they were terrified to step provide information to the police because of potential retaliation, as well as past (and recurring) incidences of violence at different rental property.

Some of our readers may recall the featured image that depicts where two people were murdered on Wise Ave. in Dundalk back in August 2018.

It should be noted that regarding the double murder that occurred on Wise Ave. that Kevin Kamenetz was the county executive at the time. (Note, this particular article deals with another crime at a different location.)

In the latest incident, sources told the Post that police had been called to another location numerous times to deal with various violations. Upon verifying the address in question where this yet-unsolved homicide occurred, The Baltimore Post contacted the Rental Registration Unit of Baltimore County. We were told that the address we were given from our sources is not listed as a rental property. (We checked the information several times for accuracy.)

Since no official information has been released on the suspected homicide, we will not publish what has been shared with us by our confidential sources. Suffice to say, folks, the details are not pretty.

Despite the out of control crime on the east side of the county, especially in the 7th District, such incidents go relatively (if not completely) unaddressed by our elected officials. Councilman Todd Crandell has never responded to the Post regarding any request for information since the day we criticized his decision to support Fred Homan for another four-year term as county administrator.

The issue of Section 8 was brought up at the East Side Town Hall Meeting by angry residents who challenged Baltimore County Executive Johnny O on this extremely troubling aspect.

Mr. Olszewski Jr. has not attempted to hide his Democratic/socialist leanings, as revealed by the following photo:

Photo Credit:

What is especially disturbing about the death of a seemingly innocent citizen is the extent to which the police administration has chosen to hide certain information regarding the suspects. When the crime was first reported on the Baltimore County Public Safety News site, a description of the suspects was posted. When the Post visited the site again to check and verify the initial report, we found that those suspect descriptions were taken down.

It is sad when most of the community knows exactly what happened, yet the police appear to be terribly uninformed. If this incident does turn out to be what the public suspects, then Johnny O should be held accountable for putting his socialist agenda ahead of public safety.




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