Trade Point Atlantic: Crandell’s Wage Promises Ring Hollow
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th June 2017
The promise of jobs is false, as most would not pay a living wage.


Announcement from TPA on FedEx job openings shows promised wage disparity

Look for yourself: these are not living wages as Councilman Crandell promised

(Announcement from TPA)

In an effort to connect the community with tenants and current opportunities, please see the position openings below.

FedEx Ground is currently hiring Package Handlers and an Operations Manager at the new Bethlehem Blvd location scheduled to open later this Summer.

For more information on applying to the Package Handler position,visit this link.

For more information on applying to the Operations Manager position,visit this link.

Tradepoint Atlantic


It appears, folks, that TPA is not quite living up to the predictions of Councilman Todd Crandell. If we look at the number of positions being offered by FedEx, the future of “rent a slab,” otherwise known as landlords TPA, has become as follows according to the Sun:

The distribution center, which is already under construction, is expected to open in 2017 with about 150 FedEx employees. It is to be located on about 50 acres in the northwest portion of the massive site, which once housed the Bethlehem Steel mill, a longtime source of jobs for the region.

Look at the hourly wages being offered for those 150 jobs, such as the $12.50 an hour for a Package Handler, which seemingly will be the majority of employees.  How many Operations Mangers do you think it will take to supervise 150 employees?

Here are a couple of quotes from Crandell’s comments in the  Baltimore Sun: “Crandell’s appointee to the planning board, Chris Haffer of Edgemere, said he was hopeful for what new jobs will do for the communities nearby.”

Here is another little ditty to that last dream, or nightmare if you prefer: “I am really excited that this is the kind of investment that can lead to jobs that can support families,” Haffer said.

Not so fast, gentlemen.  Take a gander at this.

With that said, here comes the nightmare in another quote from the Sun: “Among the first tenants are Under Armour and FedEx, which are set to open distribution and warehouse facilities at the site.”

Some additional bad news is brought to you by the Baltimore Brew. 

It now appears that Under Armour may be in a bit of a finical pinch, which Brew(s) up some discouraging news. “Kevin Plank’s private real estate arm, Sagamore Development Co., is searching for equity partners, informed sources tell The Brew, and has not submitted any financial data to the city that could start the process of approving TIF (tax increment financing) bonds.”

There’s more bad news found in another quote from the Brew: “In its application last year, Sagamore said it would contribute $328 million in equity (or less than half of the city’s outlay of TIF bonds) and would seek $3.5 billion in “other private sources of funds.”

Did anyone choke on the $3.5 billion?  Folks the Golden Goose couldn’t lay out that kind of investment.  It’s starting to look more like a goose egg without a hint of gold.

Besides, who would invest in a city that bleeds?

Any way you look at this, the buck stops at Councilman Crandell’s desk, especially since he blocked the community from any insight with his bill. As the Post quoted, “Crandell’s bill creating the revitalization district passed unanimously. It was co-sponsored by Council Chairwoman Vicki Almond, a Reisterstown Democrat.”

Did we mention that Crandell took campaign donations from TPA?

Mr. Crandell’s bill cuts out any public scrutiny and gives TPA “carte blanche” to do whatever it wants without public input. Chalk that up to the cost of doing business, at least in Baltimore County where “pay to play” is alive and well.

Remember this exchange with the councilman?

Sadly, folks, we the taxpayers are working hard for less as our dollars are being funneled to TPA and its global partners.

Much more to come on this one…

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