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National spotlight focuses on underbelly of “Charm City” and Cummings’ leadership, but skips over his wife’s questionable conduct
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 31st July 2019
(Photo Credit: The Washington Examiner)

The Democrats love to say, “No one is above the law.” While that may be true in most instances, that may not be the case for progressive liberal Democrats.

Well before this latest controversy over President Trump taking issue with Rep. Elijah Cummings and the conditions in Baltimore, the Post published an article on the crisis at the border. Readers immediately began to inquire about the potentially illegal activities involving Rep. Cummings’ wife and the charitable organization that she runs.

In one particular email we received, William T. Newton of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee District 3 provided two pieces of evidence in the form of registered mail receipts. One receipt revealed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics, and the other showed another complaint that went to Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

After our article detailing Rep. Cummings’ attack on United States Border Patrol agents, we decided to take a closer look at the numerous allegations of his wife’s possible wrongdoing.

Apparently, Mr. Newton is not the only public official requesting a probe into the conduct of Mrs. Cummings. The Daily Caller reported that another watchdog group called for an investigation into the Mrs. Cummings’ Maryland charity:

A watchdog group filed a complaint Tuesday with Maryland Democratic Attorney General Brian Frosh to investigate whether the wife of House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings used her charity for her personal benefit.

One has to wonder if there will truly be an impartial look at the matter. After all, Maryland AG Frosh has one goal/agenda in common with Mr. Cummings–bring down President Donald Trump. These socialist/progressive Democratic politicians are all united in that cause. Frosh is too busy suing the President over issues of illegal immigration, despite the fact that violates US Title-13, which explicitly states that it is a crime to enter this country illegally, as well as aid or abet such activity.

Strange that our AG is so unfamiliar with the law, isn’t it folks?

For those who doubt our rhetoric, please go back and review the Democratic debates. A question was posed to the potential candidates about decriminalizing illegal immigration. As the saying goes, the proof is in the number of progressive/socialist Democratic candidates who quickly raised their hands to show that they would vote for such a measure.

After viewing the video showing a screaming Rep. Cummings attacking the conduct of border patrol agents and their facilities, one has to wonder about his supposed outrage. Technically, the Congressman is violating the law that prohibits anyone from aiding or abetting anyone attempting to enter this country illegally.

Meanwhile, if anyone can find a similar video in which Mr. Cummings shows that much motion for the constituents he took an oath to serve, please let us know. Another question we have for Mr. Cummings – Show us the money? We are talking about the billions of our tax dollars went to Baltimore City that leaves us to question, how those tax dollars were spent.

It seems that Rep. Cummings still shows more concern for illegals than he does for his own constituents.



Maybe the next time Mr. Cummings decides to throw stones he will remember that he lives in a glass house.



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