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Quitting before his ‘Luck’ ran out
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th August 2019

As the NFL enters its 100th season, the shocking announcement of Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement has once again cast a spotlight on CTE.

The Baltimore Post has devoted extensive coverage to this troubling issue that has plagued professional athletes, particularly American football players.


Luck’s retirement comes at a time when youth participation in sports has continued to steadily decline. According to published reports, sports like football, ice hockey, and soccer are seeing lower numbers of players.

It should come as no surprise that all of those sports have also contributed to instances of CTE.

One sad aspect of Andrew Luck’s retirement was the reaction of the fans. Sad to say, many people in the stadium actually booed the often-injured quarterback.


They should be ashamed. After all, he put his body on the line for seven seasons just to entertain the masses.

Time will tell what will happen to Mr. Luck even now that he has left the game that he loved. Often the results of the multiple hits and injuries take years to surface.

Take, for instance, the following video showing Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Mike Webster. The interview was conducted as the gridiron great was living on the streets homeless and broken.


A recent 60 Minutes segment reveals the tragic story of another former NFL player who is now suffering from ALS.


In the following video, we see New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady possibly exhibiting some behavior that is often associated with the traumatic brain disorder CTE.


Folks, for years the NFL knew the damage that was being done to the players, but nobody did anything about it. We can only hope that the players will be better protected going forward, but that does little for the many who have suffered so much damage.

We wish Mr. Luck the best in his retirement. After all he put himself through, we believe he deserves his time away from the punishment that the game inflicts on so many.

All in the name of entertainment … and $$$.


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