Eagle KO’s Johnny O
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th August 2019
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In the past, The Baltimore Post has taken local media to task for failing to report the truth accurately. One of our frequent targets has been the Dundalk Eagle, which we mentioned time and again for spreading the propaganda spewed forth by certain politicians rather than facts.

But we’re also willing to praise the media when they actually do something right. This will be one of those instances.

In this latest Dundalk Eagle article, the 50-year-old publication showed its talons for what we believe was a true masterpiece of journalism that often requires being in the right place at the right time.

Both WJZ TV-13 and The Dundalk Eagle covered Baltimore County Executive Jon Olszewski Jr.’s visit to a neighborhood that just experienced a double homicide. One would expect that WJZ’s coverage would be in-depth, but that was not the case.

The videos below will showcase the difference between a news outlet that panders to the political agenda (WJZ) and another that actually focused on the facts (The Dundalk Eagle).

You can view the following Channel 13 video using the following link:

WJZ-TV: Baltimore County Leaders Hold Crime Walk In Essex Neighborhood Where Fatal Shooting Took Place

And here is the video from The Dundalk Eagle:

The Post believes that WJZ’s coverage focused more on propaganda than reality. In one particular exchange with a local resident, Mr. Olszewski tells the resident to contact the county if they need a road repaved. We are guessing that Johnny O forgot that the county is in serious debt, especially since a boatload of taxpayer money ($78 million) went to fix Tradepoint Atlantic’s roadways.

And let’s not forget the other $2 million spent for the Under Armour to create 600 minimum wage warehouse jobs.

Mr. Olsszewski’s appearance in the crime-ridden 7th District neighborhood included the presence of the newly appointed Police Chief Melissa Hyatt and Councilman Todd Crandell. As seen in the video above, this turned out to be a “Catch 22,” moment when the Dundalk Eagle reporter showed up and captured the truth.

Another statement made by Mr. Olszewski to area residents was a repeat of his pledge to be more transparent regarding public safety. If that was true, then why is the Post still waiting for a Public Information request regarding the violence that Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar that was filed back on June 21, 2019?

We also are waiting on information regarding the cause of death of one of the longest-serving community leaders whose home was burglarized just prior to her death, in addition to several times after her passing.

We believe this type of coverage from The Dundalk Eagle’s is vital to the voters of this troubled county. It revealed the true patronizing of citizens for the benefit of political gain.

Had it not been for the astute Dundalk Eagle reporter being in the right place at the right time, the true reality of this politically charged propaganda piece may never have seen the light of day. Folks, this is what true journalism is all about. It’s about going beyond the façade of a political leader taking advantage of a horrible situation and attempting to gain political favor among voters.

In the Dundalk Eagle video above, note Johnny O’s response to the resident’s question regarding the lack of response from the police administration:

We are both new at our jobs.

While that may be true for Chief Hyatt, we see Mr. Olszewski’s response as rather ludicrous considering his tenure as a state legislator, not to mention his family’s history as a county political dynasty.

The Post believes Mr. Olszewski would do well to remember the following quote from Abraham Lincoln:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.


We leave you with one final thought: “You read; you decide.”


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