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Rep. Elijah Cummings: This was a paid advertisement…
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 7th August 2019
(Photo Credit: MSNBC.com)

When Rep. Elijah Cummings gave his response to the President’s tweets, we questioned why Mr. Cummings was adorned in Under Armour attire?

Then the answer dawned on us…

The Baltimore Post believes the impetus behind the UA swag has to do with Mr. Cummings’ support of the Port Covington development, as evidenced by the following quote:

It’s hard not to get excited about this kind of large, mixed-use project that promises thousands of jobs for Baltimore residents. I am hopeful that with Plank’s vision and Sagamore’s expertise, implementation of this project will support Baltimore’s urgent community development priorities and bring much needed infrastructure improvements that will benefit the entire City.

This massive infusion of taxpayer dollars into a private enterprise is, in our opinion, risky at best. Even Forbes wrote about some of the problems facing the sports apparel company.

During Rep. Cummings’ interview with the various media outlets, he made a direct reference to the Port Covington project and lavished the same phrase as was captured in the statement above. The Post searched every avenue to find the original uncut interview of Mr. Cummings, as his words were almost a full-blown infomercial that heaped praise on another project that provided a corporate billionaire (Kevin Plank) with taxpayer funds.

Unfortunately, the original video is not available, having been edited to remove any reference to the massive taxpayer-funded project.

The best analogy we can use is to compare the Representative with professional athletes, such as golfers and racecar drivers, who constantly don apparel featuring the logos of their various sponsors.

You know, folks, not everyone in Baltimore City supports the Port Covington development.

In order to place this matter into proper perspective, we urge you to view the following videos.




According to Fox News, if Baltimore was a country, it would have the fourth highest murder rate in the world. News reports also state that one-third of Baltimore City high school students are not proficient in math, which would put it near the bottom of the world’s educated nations.

Let’s not forget that Rep. Cummings signed the “Consent Decree” that, in effect, tied the hands of the Baltimore City Police Department. That move has led to a dramatic uptick in crime.

We believe Mr. Cummings should spend more time on the actual issues rather than plugging Kevin Plank’s taxpayer-funded Port Covington project. The next time he appears on TV to tell people how Baltimore isn’t a crime-ridden, rodent-infested mess, he might want to dress properly for the occasion rather than push another billionaire’s agenda.



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