Our view on Johnny O: “We told you so…”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 31st August 2019

There is an old saying: “What goes around, comes around.”

Could it be that our Baltimore County Executive spent too much time playing politics and not actually serving his constituents?

Is that the mantra of the Progressive/Socialist/Democratic party, which has been using the narrative of vicious and often misguided attacks on the President of the United States?

The liberal left has used just about every ill-conceived attempt to undermine the one common denominator that makes the United States the strongest and most powerful country in the world. Folks, that binding thread is “the rule of law.”

Could it be that the political posturing of the liberal left has finally taken a bite out of the Olszewski administration?

Now Johnny O has to face off against the federal government, which recently filed a lawsuit accusing Baltimore County of discriminating against African Americans.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit filed by the DOJ.

The DOJ suit alleges that written exams used to screen applicants was discriminatory because white applicants passed at a higher rate than African American applicants. The test included each applicant’s ability in reading, grammar, logic, and other skills that the DOJ alleges are not job-related.

But what is the real impetus for the suit, folks?

Could the fact that Baltimore County, just like Montgomery County, is a sanctuary for illegals be a factor? Has this put Maryland in the feds’ crosshairs?

It’s not a secret that Baltimore County is a sanctuary county based on this statement from Johnny O. Yet, Gov. Larry Hogan seemed to plead the fifth on the issue. Could that also have put Maryland on the fed’s radar?

For those of you that do not remember the name Kate Steinle, she was killed in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been previously deported five times and was facing a sixth deportation. Sanctuary cities do not allow interaction with ICE. As a result of this practice, the illegal was never deported and subsequently shot and killed Ms. Steinle

The suspect was found not guilty in the shooting death and only convicted in the possession of a firearm. That case was also recently thrown out by liberal San Francisco judicial system.

How many times do you get to poke the federal government in the eye with absolute defiance before they take retaliatory action?

If Mr. Olszewski spent more time taking care of his constituents rather than playing politics and attempting to solidify his power base with political appointments like new Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt, he might have heard the DOJ drums beating. The Post believes that had Johnny O appointed who we earlier predicted as the new top cop in Baltimore County, this might have dampened the DOJ sting.

If the county executive spent more time working for the citizens of Baltimore County then placating to political cronies like his two buddies from the State Legislature (who both landed high-paying positions within the county government), the citizens would be better served.

Let’s not forget Johnny O’s pandering to corporate welfare recipients like Tradepoint Atlantic, which received a $78 million loan from Johnny O’s administration to improve infrastructure at the site while the county’s roads continue to crumble.

Maybe this is why Johnny O did not address the media specifically on the DOJ lawsuit; rather, Councilman Julian Jones gave the standard political response.

The Baltimore Post strongly believes that Baltimore County was well aware of the DOJ lawsuit coming down from the feds. In fact, the DOJ lawsuit is quite similar to the one involving the federal government’s investigation into ADA violations by Baltimore County under late County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Finally, we find it rather ironic that Johnny O received the endorsement of the Blue Guardians, which represents African-American police officers in Baltimore County.

Hopefully this lawsuit will help push Johnny O’s focus back to the constituents of Baltimore County. We hate to have to keep saying, “We told you so.”



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