Crandell, other pols fail to show for community update on potential TPA contamination issues
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th October 2019
AWOL: From left to right: Delegate Ric Metzgar, Sen. Johnny Salling, and Delegates Bob Long and Robin Grammar. (Photo credit/The Dundalk Eagle)

Councilman Todd Crandell, whose office and home are less than five minutes from the North Point Library, failed to appear at a meeting about remediation efforts at the old Bethlehem Steel property.

The meeting, which featured officials from both the Maryland Department of The Environment (MDE) and the EPA, was held on Thursday, October 3, 2019. The meeting provided an update on Tradepoint Atlantic’s efforts to clean up the old steel plant site.

Despite the fact that the meeting updated the public on the potential contamination issues facing the councilman’s own backyard, Mr. Crandell was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t the only politician who failed to make an appearance. Other no-shows included Sen. Johnny Salling and Delegates Ric Metzgar, Bob Long, and Robin Grammar.

It seems that the topic wasn’t important enough to warrant the pols being on hand as their constituents were briefed on the severe environmental problems at the old Bethlehem Steel property.

As you know, the property is now owned by Steve Bisciotti and his cousin Jim Davis. Both men are billionaires, and one of them owns the Baltimore Ravens.

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Sen. Johnny Salling did have someone from the state Republican party as his representative for the meeting. Sen. Salling recently announced his bid to run against longtime Democratic Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

Given the fact that Mr. Salling used a questionable Dundalk address to register in his bid to oust Congressman Ruppersberger, his absence from this important community seems even more egregious. After Sen. Salling gave the Maryland State Board of Elections that questionable home address, the Post began to receive calls from area residents again complaining that the senator does not live in Colgate.

We want to note that if Mr. Salling actually resides in the Colgate area of Dundalk, he would have had only a five-minute drive to the meeting.

The Baltimore Post attempted to contact Sen. Salling to ask why he didn’t attend the meeting, but there was no reply after we left a voicemail message. Except for Delegate Bob Long, The Baltimore Post wasn’t able to contact any of the local politicians to get answers to difficult questions.

We can only assume that the lack of contact with the pols were direct attempts to avoid the truth. To that end, the Post is currently looking at a public information request regarding Sen. Salling’s dealings with TPA.

The Baltimore Post received more than 600 pages of documents, including one particular document that references TPA more than 180 times.

Compounding the issue are two videos that show the Delegates mentioned earlier giving their unmitigated support to Tradepoint Atlantic receiving an $80 million loan for infrastructure improvements.

The legislation pushed by Councilman Crandell and approved by Johnny O was $78 million until Under Armour came calling with their hands out for another $2 million loan, also supported by the east side Republican delegation and the county counsel.

That part of the corporate welfare boondoggle would close a large gap in the bleeding of the county’s budget deficit which is reported to be approximately $80 million.

Getting back to the meeting at the NP Library, the focus centered on TPA’s remediation efforts to clean up the highly contaminated former Beth Steel site. The Post covered another meeting that we believe described the potential contaminants still located on the property.

The Baltimore Post attempted to follow-up on the meeting by contacting Ms. Barbara Brown from MDE, but we were told she was not available.

To show the unabridged special interest in providing corporate welfare to a couple of billionaires at the expense of our schools and public safety, not to mention the current county shortfall of $80 million, the Post offers the following videos featuring the politicians we mentioned earlier in this article.




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