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Suspect fails to appear in manslaughter case; Shellenberger claims ignorance on immigration status
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th October 2019
What Mr. Shellenberger knew about the suspect and when he knew is what we should questioning.

There is an appropriate word for this particular boondoggle, folks.

We call it a “cluster…” (There is a longer version of that term, but we won’t use that kind of language here.)

Let’s drill this down for you. A suspect:

  • was involved in a fatal car crash
  • was arrested at the scene by the Maryland State Police (MSP)
  • was released pending charges by the Baltimore County States Attorneys Office (BCSAO)
  • never bothered to show up for his arraignment on manslaughter charges

It’s that last part that sticks in our craw, especially considering how this whole episode played out.

This cluster began back on February 16. Two vehicles were involved in a speeding contest on I-795 when one of the cars ran off the road, striking and killing a disabled motorist who was changing a flat tire. The deceased motorist was Kennedy Sooklal of Reisterstown MD.

One of the alleged drivers in the speed contest, as described by MSP, was arrested at the scene. His name is Carlos Daniel Gonzales–Rabines. That information came right from the MSP Public Information Officer.

The Post published these articles about this egregious crime, as well as our concerns that law enforcement in Baltimore County was putting citizens at risk unnecessarily.

Our suspicion was raised following the first phone call to the MSP Golden Ring Barracks. When we attempted to get information about Carlos Daniel Gonzales-Rabines, our questions were met with what appeared to be disdain. Simply put, we were seeking information about the residency status of the suspect after we could find no record of him anywhere.

After our requests to MSP went nowhere, we turned to the BCSAO and Mr. Shellenberger. The emails we traded regarding the incident made it seem that the SA was involved in a bit of deception regarding whether the suspect was in the country illegally.

That is most troubling when you consider an innocent human life was taken by Mr. Gonzales-Rabines.

Even more interesting was the email response from Mr. Shellenberger’s office that questioned the entry of the suspect’s name, which was crucial in our quest for the truth.

The following emails clearly site either the incompetence or the direct attempt at deflecting the truth from the public regarding this fatal car crash.


Please click on the images below to view the document.  To enlarge use the zoom-in features.


Another issue that we found rather complexing is that a search conducted today (Oct. 9, 2019) for the suspect’s name in the Maryland case database did not list the charges involved in the indictment.

We have seen several attempts by the liberal left-wing Baltimore County administration to create a sanctuary county. Following the arrest of 10 members of the machete-wielding gang known as MS-13 for a brutal homicide that occurred in the heart of the county seat, The Baltimore Post believes that such actions by our liberal leaders will directly, and negatively, impact the safety of our citizens.

The Post also believes that the MSP crash investigator should have known that the suspect had recently entered Maryland after pulling his traffic records, which included four counts of excessive speed. We wonder why the investigator didn’t at least attempt to verify the immigration status of the suspect or determine the potential for flight risk given the seriousness of the charges.

It is also quite clear that Mr. Shellenberger’s rather lame excuse allowed Mr. Gonzales-Rabines (or Gonzales Rabines) to escape justice. This means the SA did not fulfill his obligation as the county’s top law enforcement officer to ensure that adequate precautions were taken so that the suspect would be held accountable for his actions.

We’re completely perplexed by the county putting the “rights” of murderous illegals ahead of the protections of its own legal citizens.

We just thought the law-abiding people of Baltimore County should know where they stand with our elected officials.




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