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Johnny O uses Sun as CYA while clouding Post’s investigation
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th October 2019
Playing games with the will of the people. (Photo Credit: gojohnnyo.com and deviantart.com)

Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. may be using the Joker wildcard to again deceive the community about the ongoing controversy surrounding the North Point Government Center.

What is different about this stacked deck is Johnny O’s use of the liberal media in his attempt to push the sale of the property.

That sale, by the way, will squarely benefit developer Leonard Weinberg and his company, Vanguard.

Back in September, The Baltimore Post reported on Johnny O crashing a community meeting in an attempt to push the sale of the NPGC.

After publishing our article, the Post received additional concerns from the communities regarding the proposed sale. One of the major concerns involved a response from then Baltimore County Attorney Mike Field.

Questions also arose over an MPIA request filed by Dundalk United to get information about what did Johnny O mean when he discussed a contract extension between Baltimore County and Vanguard.

To help the communities get to the heart of the matter, the Post sent an email to Mr. Field inquiring about the extension. Shortly after we sent that email, Mr. Field stepped down as county attorney and took a position as an advisor to the county executive.

We did, however, receive a response from Johnny O’s press aide:

When the developer approached the county executive about the future of this project, he made it very clear – as have both the Governor and the Comptroller – that the only path forward is for Vanguard to engage in robust and open conversation with the community before proceeding with any potential project. That remains his expectation. Questions about the developer’s plans should be referred to the developer.

We urge you to take a look at the Baltimore Sun article that we believe is a direct attempt by Johnny O to do an end-around on the truth. This particular article was published on the Sun’s website back on October 8, 2019, and republished in the print version on October 14, 2019.

The following quote from the article is an interesting one considering several community leaders advised The Post that nobody from the county or the developer reached out in an effort to mitigate this controversy:

Vanguard’s new plan would build a new, separate theater building, Olszewski wrote to community groups. The plan also includes more green space, and Olszewski’s letter to Weinberg asked Vanguard to incorporate a “walkable ‘boulevard’ feel” in the plan’s design.

When it comes to government corruption, there’s an old saying: “Follow the money.” As the following documents will show, The Baltimore Post did just that.

The first document deals with Councilman Julian Jones’ wife’s business ties, which the Post previously reported.


To view larger, please click on the image below

Snippet from Julian Jones & Walters Relocation PIA
Snippet from Julian Jones & Walters Relocation PIA


1500 Serpentine RD, Suite 100, Baltimore, MD 21209-2001:
11/27/2013: Vanguard Equities, Inc – $250

605 S Eden St, Ste 250, Baltimore, MD 21231
5/15/2018: VEI Circuit:        $250
8/21/2018: VEI Dundalk: $2,500
10/12/2018:VEI Dundalk: $2,000

Vanguard Principals:
Bradley Glaser: 5/15/2018 : $250
Leonard Weinberg: 5/15/2018: $250
Leonard Weinberg: 06/19/2018: $250


TOTAL FOR Johnny O Junior: $5,750


TOTAL FOR Johnny O Junior: $5,750
TOTAL FOR Johnny O Senior: $2,050


As always, folks, “You read; you decide.”


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