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Johnny O on Section 8: “Do as I say, not as I do.”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st October 2019
Johnny Olszewski, Jr
“Do as I say, not as I do.” (Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun)

County Executive Johnny O may have forgotten about this little incident, but The Baltimore Post did not.

In a role that showcased strong leadership, Delegates John Olszewski, Jr. and Steve Lafferty spoke to a sizable audience at the North Point Library Wednesday night to discuss legislation titled The HOME Act that would reduce “a significant concentration of tenants who use a public subsidy like a Housing Choice Voucher (aka, Section 8), residing in the Dundalk/Essex area.”

We guess things change, especially when John Olszewski Sr. and his son Johnny O were potentially impacted by Section 8 housing vouchers. Both the Olszewskis own some prime real estate on the east side of Baltimore County.

We wonder if Johnny O sees the potential problems associated with Section 8 and doesn’t want to deal with the same issues the middle-class citizens face each and every day.

Could this be another woke moment in politics when the Democrats are pushing the liberal message without wanting to bear the consequences of their actions?

Or could this be one of those, “Do as I say, not as I do,” moments?

There is one distinct difference in the tone of the now woke Socialist/Progressive/Democratic County Executive. There is plenty of hypocrisy driving Johnny O’s political agenda.

For example, take a look at some pending legislation (Bill 49-19) introduced by another liberal politician, Council Chairman Tom Quirk.

The last time this bill was introduced, the county council voted to reject it.

Think for a moment, folks. What council member in his/her right mind would vote to have Section 8 spread evenly through the more upscale sections of the county?

By the way, Councilman Quirk also dealt with some ethical issues of his own due to his relationship with Steve Whalen.

The man pictured below is Steve Lafferty, who now serves in the Olsewski administration as Chief Sustainability Officer.

(We will pause for a moment while you digest that bit of information.)

Mr. Lafferty, a former member of the house of delegates, will earn $105,ooo a year in this newly created position to focus on climate change, green energy, and development.

Stephen Lafferty
For Steve Lafferty, it’s good to know people in high places. (Photo Credit: ballotpedia.org)

We wonder just how one person in Baltimore County can possibly impact climate change.

Oh, wait. We almost forgot the part regarding his role as the developer of “green energy.”

We’re quite sure Tradepoint Atlantic will be extremely supportive of this new county government position. After all, they probably will use it to pickpocket more hard-earned dollars from the middle-class taxpayers.

Speaking of TPA, that corporate welfare case is the main reason the county is facing a budget crisis. It’s hard to balance the books when you toss a $78 million “loan” to a bunch of billionaires.

The whole concept makes absolutely no “cents,” folks. (Pun very much intended.)

As always, The Baltimore Post simply points out the truth backed up with as much factual information as we can gather.

Getting back to the main part of this column, let’s gauge how the community feels about Johnny O’s HOME act. View the video below, and be sure to pay attention at the 1:26 mark to see a citizen in the Dundalk area impacted by the effects of Section 8.

Another key part of this pending legislation will involve the council work sessions. Johnny O promised to introduce legislation that would allow more taxpaying citizens to attend those closed-door meetings.

That promised, but yet unseen, legislation would go a long way toward transparency, but the Olszewski administration has been lacking terribly in that department. That is evidenced by our recent attempts to gain information on topics like the death of Georgia Bartrum and the missing 911 audio from the Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar incident.

Transparency? Hardly, folks. Rather, the information coming from our leadership is about as clear as mud.



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