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Audio: Spammer goes ballistic when tables are turned
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th November 2019
(Photo Credit/Bleepingcomputer.com)

First, The Baltimore Post warns you not to try this at home.

With that said, we hope you’ll enjoy this column, especially if you’ve been plagued by spam calls.

The latest tactic the spam callers use to take advantage of vulnerable people is to coax the call recipient/victim into making some sort of statement that can be recorded. Then the scammer can use the victim’s own voice to gain access to sensitive information, like credit card accounts.

However, many of these scammers are not very bright when it comes to stealing your information. For example, when your phone rings and your caller ID shows the call is coming from your own phone number, that should let you know immediately that the call is spam.

We thought that anyone who suffered at the hands of these criminals might enjoy hearing us get a little payback.

The following audio file, while a bit “raw” (see warning below), is a recording of a spam call. This particular scammer was making an attempt to gain access to the intended victim’s computer by claiming the call recipient might lose important files and system access.

Warning! The following audiotape contains over the top adult language and listener discretion is advised.

We hope you enjoy a little “homegrown justice,” folks.


Spam Caller: Please press the play to hear the recording




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