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The Post Investigates Pt. 2: Johnny O’s revealing response to the widow whose husband was killed by an illegal
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th November 2019
The promise of transparency is long gone. It is been replaced by propaganda. (Photo credit/DundalkEagle.com)

In Pt. 1 of this edition of The Post Investigates, we let our readers know that we asked County Executive Johnny O what he would say to the widow of a Baltimore County citizen killed by an illegal immigrant.

The Post figured the least he could provide was a statement about the horrific tragedy that left a family devastated at the loss of their patriarch, husband, and sole provider.

Our email to Johnny O’s office first garnered us an automated reply, which we believed was unacceptable considering the serious nature of the situation.

To put that into context, this heinous crime basically destroyed an entire family. There are numerous emotional scars that can never heal without justice, not to mention the devastating financial impacts on the victim’s middle-class family.

With all that said, we believed the family (and the citizens of Baltimore County) deserved more than just an automated response from Johnny O. We called and pushed further, and we were told we would get a response.

So, here’s what the Baltimore County Executive had to say to the victim’s family:


(Sound of crickets chirping)

(Visions of a blank screen)

(Analogies about seeing a black cat in total darkness or a white cat during a blizzard)


The answer, folks, is that the County Executive didn’t say a damn thing!

Remember Johnny O’s campaign promise of a transparent and open government? That appears to have been nothing more than propaganda.

This is the second homicide involving illegals that Johnny O has failed to acknowledge. Of course, that is probably due to his continuing the sanctuary status of Baltimore County, which we believe is seriously jeopardizing the lives of its citizens.

It appears that any transparency with Johnny O ends when the questions hit at the very heart of his Democratic/Progressive/Socialist agenda.

In the past, we have made numerous attempts to get information, even going so far as to file Public Information Act requests regarding what can only be termed as serious criminal activity. Yet, the response we get is always the same: nada, zip, zilch, and nothing. The county’s lips are permanently sealed unless you ask for something that will make the so-called leadership look good.

Could it be that Johnny O is just too busy to address public safety, which is a major concern among his constituents?

After all, he’s a very busy guy. That was clearly evidenced by the county executive posting to Facebook when he took the opportunity to hobnob on the sidelines in Kansas City with the Baltimore Ravens.

We guess it’s more important to use that Facebook site to seek one more Ravens ticket than to discuss the out of control homicide rate in Baltimore County.


Johnny O posted this photo on his Facebook page. We guess he found the ticket he was looking for. (Photo credit/Facebook)


If you check Johnny O’s Facebook page, you may also notice that his busy schedule includes spending time campaigning door-to-door for others in Salisbury, MD instead of focusing on Baltimore County.

In this Facebook post, Johnny O is posing outside The Brew River Restaurant and Bar after a night of door-to-door campaigning in Salisbury, MD. (Photo credit/Facebook)

Finally, rather than deal with the crime problems in the county, Johnny O is running all over the state attempting to secure funding for an already failing educational system. Those failures are at both the local and national levels.


Smiles come easily for the political elite and their families while their decisions ultimately lead to the suffering of others. (Photo credit: GoJohnnyO.com)

What distresses us most about the situation is that, had Johnny O not engaged in corporate cronyism and welfare, there may have been funds available to deal with crime and education issues in the county. But he’s been too busy shipping your tax dollars to the doorsteps of millionaires and billionaires for their pet projects.

In the final part of this investigative series, we will provide details from the interview we conducted with the I-795 accident victim’s wife, which will reveal the devastation his family has had to endure.


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