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Police stay mum, but citizens sound off, about protective detail for Councilwoman
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th November 2019
The community is in an uproar over police protection provided for Councilwoman Bevins. (Photo credit/Facebook)


Social media went ballistic when word spread about Councilwoman Cathy Bevins receiving police protection during the Homestead Act vote.

Many comments questioned (and rightfully so, we add) why a politician should get special protection when other issues within the community are more deserving of a proper police response.

Several comments referred to the particularly high crime rate in the county and strongly suggested that police resources should be put to better use.

Another comment focused on a certain residence that was described as a drug house in what could be considered the councilwoman’s backyard.

No police activity there, it seems.

As usual, the councilwoman fought back against her critics:

  • Cathy Bevins for Baltimore County Council I love that you think most of my constituents were against this bill?? Why do you think that? You might want to look at all social media and news articles. Most of my constituents are most interested in their children’s education, infrastructure, the environment then how someone pays their rent!

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it, folks.

Meanwhile, Mr. Don Mohler weighed in as well:

Don Mohler So proud of you Cathy Bevins. Leadership and courage. Hate can never win.

The Baltimore Post will continue in our attempts to hold our political leaders not only to their oath of office but also to many of their rather lame campaign promises.

Mr. Mohler may want to rethink that statement based on this article, in which Councilman Bevins espouses to some of that so-called hate.

When the Post was alerted to the protective detail stationed in front of the councilwoman’s home, we called the Public Information Office of the Baltimore County Police Department to verify the information.

They first said they would have to check into it and get back to us.

That never happened.

Then we were told to send an email to the PIO, so we put our concerns in writing.

Again, we received no response, which was suspicious. However, we determined that the email address we were given was incorrect.

Thankfully, other sources verified to The Post that Councilwoman Bevins did indeed receive police protection as a result of death threats pertaining to her potential vote on the Homestead Act.

We’re not sure which is more shameful–that the detail was assigned, or that the police didn’t have the decency to admit that the detail was assigned.

But there is something more troubling at play, folks. Yet again, the elite Democratic politicians get preferential treatment while the regular citizens get none of the same attention. Such was the case when a husband of 29 years and father of three children was killed at the hands of an illegal.

Those issues are generally swept under the rug in order to maintain Johnny O’s political façade.

As we have reported many times in the past, the BCPD administration has maintained a policy of deception. Even with the appointment of new Police Chief Melissa Hyatt, the status quo remains and information stays hidden from public view.

Need proof of that? Remember the violence at Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar? The Post was stonewalled every step of the way when we tried to get information. We even filed an MPIA request, which was ignored.

We’re still taking steps to resolve that issue, by the way.

Another “clear as mud” issue dealt with the death of a beloved community leader, Georgia Bartrum. We asked the questions, but no answers came our way. Instead, Johnny O and his minions kept up their efforts to cover up the truth.

Despite the appointment by Johnny O of Melissa Hyatt as the new police chief in Baltimore County, the lack of transparency continues unabated. (Photo credit/WBAL Radio)
Sad to say, but for this administration, “transparency” is just a word found in the dictionary between “terrible” and “troubling.”
Those two latter words seem to be more accurate in describing our so-called leadership.


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