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MD Democrat Raskin says country is in “clear and present danger.” Does this mean stock up on milk and toilet paper?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th December 2019
Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin once questioned the President’s mental capabilities. (Photo credit/YouTube)

Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, speaking live on television before the House Rules Committee on impeachment, stated that the United States is facing a “…clear and present danger!”

The Baltimore Post is urging every U.S. citizen to take the proper precautions and report any phone calls from Russian operatives.

Also, if you happen to see any other salty looking dudes lurking around, be sure to contact the FBI.

Folks, The Baltimore Post guesses that we should take Congressman Raskin’s comments very seriously based on the pitch of his voice. To that end, here are some security measures that every citizen should take … before the invasion begins.

So, as the Air Raid Sirens blare, and until you get the “all-clear” signal, you should do the following:

  • Run, not walk, to the nearest grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper.
  • If you are contacted by anyone suspicious via phone, email, text message, or smoke signal, reach out directly to Congressman Raskin.
  • If you do hear air raid sirens, make sure you follow the golden rule of “duck and cover.”

Congressman Raskin, a Democrat who actually began this one-man crusade before the last election by questioning the President’s mental capabilities, was not specific as to what the “clear and present danger” is.

If you have any additional questions, just contact Congressman using this link.

If you become somewhat exasperated at attempting to contact the Congressman through his website, you can call this phone number:

(202) 225 – 5341

Remember, when attempting to contact Congressman Raskin, do not attempt to speak English. Also, it is important that you use no gender-specific pronouns when you make contact. After all, in the state of Maryland, we supposedly are now considered to be X’s.



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