How to use the Community News Bulletin Board
Posted by James Ott Jr on 12th February 2017


Community Bulletin Board

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Welcome to the new Community News Bulletin Board. This new feature provides a place for our community members to post messages, events, and local news for everyone to see. This board is a way for our community to band together. Most importantly, this is a place for everyone to have a voice.

How to Register

After you register, you can log in and post to the Community News Bulletin Board. Your next step is to choose a topic in which your submission will appear. The Baltimore Post has six main topics to choose from, giving you a wide range of areas to cover. Maybe you have Local Breaking News, or Local Sports, or maybe there is a Local Event that you want to promote. The choice is yours.

      How to Login

If the topics are the body, then the posts are the life-blood of the Community Bulletin Board. The content is what keeps the Baltimore Post community moving forward. Your input will fill out the topics and keep other members informed of what is going on around them. This truly helps everyone to stay informed.

Writing a Post

When you create a post, you will choose a topic title and then write your post in the open block called the “BODY“. This is where your content will go. You can also add pictures, music, or even small video clips to your post by using the ‘Attach File’ button. Once you click the ‘Save’ button, your post will be featured in the Bulletin Board for The Baltimore Post community and general public to see. Replying to an existing post uses the same format. Once you click on the ‘Reply’ button, you will see the same “BODY” to enter your reply text. Clicking on ‘Save’ will post your reply.

Reply to an Existing Post

The Baltimore Post Community News Bulletin Board allows our community to be a place where everyone can gather together and share the information that matters to them and others in our community.

We welcome your submissions!

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