The Baltimore Post doesn’t object to others using our stories … as long as they get the facts correct
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th February 2020
The Baltimore County States Attorney played an electrical role in this travesty. (Photo credits/Facebook)


Before getting into the crux of this column, we want to state that we believe the media should play an important role in holding government officials accountable for their actions. We commend the Fox 45 News team for doing their best to “drain the swamp.”

But there are a lot of creatures in that swamp who need to be identified, which is why we have a complaint regarding Fox 45’s coverage of a Baltimore County citizen who was killed by an illegal immigrant.

In order to be effective in its coverage, a news operation should strive to capture the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sadly, in their reporting, Fox 45 left out some very important details when they ran their story about a grieving widow who has been denied justice because of government officials who violated federal law.

See the following and notice two distinct ways of covering this horrific crime, the loss of the family patriarch of 25 years, and the devastation experienced by those he left behind.

The Baltimore Post original articles


Fox 45 New’s version of the Baltimore Post article


Fox 45 New’s follow-up report


If Fox 45 really wants to investigate this matter and serve the public, they might want to actually consider asking some tough questions about the underlying issues that led to this mess. Why won’t they call out the officials who betrayed their constituents to side with people who are in this country illegally?

Finally, as an aside, we want to remind all of the other media outlets about something known as “journalistic integrity.” Whenever we mention a story that originally appeared in another media outlet, we provide attribution to give credit where credit is due. Others have returned that courtesy, such as WBAL’s C-4, who gave credit to the originator of this particular story.

Sadly, Fox 45 made it seem like they were the first/only media outlet to report on Mrs. Sooklal’s plight.

Thankfully, our readers know that isn’t the case. We’ve been fighting for the Sooklal family from the beginning, and we won’t stop until either justice is served or the officials who denied that justice are held 100% accountable.




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