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Transparency? Olszewski Administration continues to ignore public information requests
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th March 2020
Johnny O is hardly considered to be royalty. (Photo credit/Facebook)

Folks, do any of you remember Johnny O’s campaign promise to be more transparent?

It appears that he really meant to say that his administration would be “more transparent than a steel wall in a darkened room during a total eclipse.”

The Baltimore Post received yet another complaint from a local community group regarding Baltimore County’s failure to meet the required deadline for a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request.

Yes, that is despite the fact that Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. made transparency a hallmark of his campaign to become the next dictator of Baltimore County.

The Post does not use the word dictator loosely, folks. As seen by the image accompanying this article, Johnny O has placed himself into Baltimore County nobility.

But truly how noble is it that Johnny O has failed on his promise to make Baltimore County Government more transparent?

This is not the first complaint that The Post has received from community groups attempting to access information through the MPIA process.

That is a process that The Post knows well, having repeatedly filed numerous MPIA requests that in many cases that have gone unanswered or required mediation from an outside agency.

In some cases, the county has completely ignored the law, acting very brazen and bold in its disdain for providing information to the general public.

Our noble Johnny O (and we use that term loosely) promised to introduce legislation that would make it easier for citizens to attend certain government hearings.

We’re all still waiting for that legislation to come to fruition.

Meanwhile, The Baltimore Post has also heard from several police officers regarding their particular disdain for new Police Chief Melissa Hyatt. Some officers complained that they were not equipped or given direction on how to deal with the deadly Coronavirus.

Like many of Johnny O’s political appointees, Chief Hyatt came from Baltimore City.

The following link will give you an example of the frustration experienced by the frontline officers doing the brave work that they do, But will also provide you some insight into what the Post believes it has become a police administration for infected by corruption.

Failure to comply

It is also quite sad that the county continues to sweep information under the rug concerning the death of one of the most beloved East Side community leaders in recent memory. Mrs. Georgia Bartrum died after being confronted by two burglars who attempted to break into her garage to steal dirt bikes.

The Georgia Bartrum case

Meanwhile, the police administration has been covering up this particular homicide since February.

Finally, those who didn’t get a chance to attend last night’s Seventh District town hall meeting held at the Turner Station Multipurpose Center shouldn’t bother trying to find the video. There is no link to be found, it seems, even from the County Council.

In closing, we want to remind everyone that the noble image you see accompanying this column is known as a façade, meaning what you see really isn’t real.

Makes perfect sense to us, folks.


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