Fighting for “the Hood” – follow-up Letter from Mr. Lee McBride
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

September 5, 2013 8:41 am ET

Plight of community stirs debate

Source: Fighting for “the Hood” – follow-up Letter from Mr. Lee McBride

I received this letter from Lee McBride, the president of The Boston Courts Community Association.  It is published as written.


Prostitutes, Drug Addicts, Rats and Raccoons…. meet your new neighbors

You may choose to turn a blind eye to them, but make no mistake they are here in our community. How long before they get  into our homes? The evidence is all around us. Our gutters are littered with used condoms, hypodermic needles and even human feces. It is easier to count the homes that do not have rat activity than the ones that do. A couple of residents have had a rat infestation inside their home. And know the raccoons, the most rabid animal in Maryland, calls Boston Courts home. Five have been captured and destroyed.  Is this the neighborhood you want to call home? Do you feel safe? Something needs to be done.

Let’s start with the computer. There are two very easy things that you can do if you have a computer. First of all, is running a story about our troubled community. It is under Buzz Beeler’s Blog. Please read it and post a comment. We need all the help and publicity we can get.

Secondly, we need to send some emails. The County claims that they have not heard from the residents, so they thought all of our problems have been solved. WE NEED TO TELL THEM OTHERWISE. This is the only way that we are going to get the much needed help that we deserve. Remember that 2014 is an election year, so the time is right. Our elected officials do not want bad press especially in an election year. So please, let’s not waste any more time.

Please send emails to the following people:

Kevin Kamenetz  is our County Executive.

John Olszewski is our County Councilman and we are all invited to his Annual Family Picnic on 9-7-13 from 1-5 at Merritt Point Park…7800  Dunmanway. We should all go…that would surely get his attention. Plus he is giving away free food, beer, and soft drinks.

When sending the emails you may go into as little or as much detail as you wish. The most important thing is to send the email. Send as many as you can. Let your children send emails too. This affects them…they play amongst these disease infected and dangerous things.

One last thing, when you send the email, also send it to me. that way it will not get lost. You may also email me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your help and remember that together we can accomplish a lot.

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