Taking Prompt Action at Dundalk High School
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

October 17, 2013 9:20 am ET

School board makes quick work of gym floor issue

Source: Taking Prompt Action at Dundalk High School

Given the apathy of elected officials these days, it is nice to see one elected group spring into action when a problem arises.

To that end, I say kudos to the Baltimore County Board of Education for its prompt response regarding a problem with the new Dundalk Senior High School gymnasium floor.

Let me just say that their answer was so transparent that I almost walked right through it…

I had been hearing persistent rumors of a possible problem with the new gym floor. Now, I understand that these glitches are to be expected with a new building, especially one with the size and complexity of Dundalk’s new educational facility. People were expressing concern over the news that the gym floor had warped, which is understandable considering the problems that would arise come basketball season for the Owls.

A warped floor is not a method of gaining a home court advantage, to say the least.

As the rumor mill continued to churn out the same story, I sought the truth by contacting the Board of Education. In my usual fashion, I sent an email to the county schools communications office and waited to hear back.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the quick and thorough response I received. No stonewalling. No accusations of my partiality. No attempt to avoid the issue or remain silent. Just an email that was clear and right to the point. The statement sent to me told the truth, which I found very admirable.

Here is a quote from the e-mail:

“The gym floor expanded due to a high moisture spike in the climate. Measures were taken to reduce the humidity and dry out the wood floor. The floor has been repaired and was deemed useable by the contractor, but we are having a third party inspection this week and if no major issues are found it will be in use by the beginning of next week.

Thanks and Hope this helps”

And that, folks, is how an elected body should react to a question from a member of the community—with transparency.

With that said, I have gained more respect for our Board of Education. I feel confident that the board will correct the problem with the gym floor. And, finally, I am thankful for their honesty.

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