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Tell Johnny O, “Hell no, we don’t want to stay closed!”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th May 2020
Take a knee in the name of religious freedom and fight the autocratic rule of Johnny O.  (Photo credit/Facebook)

To set the tone for this column, one needs to view the video posted at the end of this article. It is a heart-wrenching look at what autocratic politicians who appear to be addicted to power have done without sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision based on scientific fact.

John Olszewski Sr., the former 7th District Councilman and Johnny O’s father, once made the statement that, if he could not be a king, he would become a kingmaker.

Even during the Roman Empire, which the United States’ government is modeled after, the citizens’ voices were not ignored by their representatives.

Yet, Johnny O apparently chose to ignore the voices of his constituents AND the Baltimore County Council when he decided what is best for Baltimore County. That was made apparent by this recent comment from 7th District Councilman Todd Crandell:

The County Council – at least this Councilman – was not consulted, advised, or informed of the County Executive’s announcement made a short time ago.
Why we are not putting every effort to focus on what the data tells us is the most vulnerable population – seniors and those in congregated care facilities – while opening up to allow for responsible worship, business and recreation activities is beyond me.
We have proven we can follow the recommended safeguards. I can certainly wash my hands, sanitize frequently and my barber can cut around my mask. To stay at home, quarantine yourself, or choose not to patronize a business is your choice. The Governor said so, and I agree with him.

When Governor Hogan announced that local jurisdictions could open with limitations, he left it up to the county executives to decide whether to open or remain locked down. Most of those elected officials released their decisions quickly.

But County Executive Olszewski needed 24 hours to think about it.

What he didn’t know on Wednesday, but suddenly knew on Thursday, is a mystery to us, folks. One would assume his health department was monitoring COVID-19 cases in the county on a daily basis, but Johnny O still needed 24 hours of contemplation.

As the saying goes, “Fat lot of good it did him.” Those extra 24 hours resulted in a punt … and a shanked one at that.

The County Executive’s reason for the very limited opening, which really is no opening, is explained with this quote: “It’s clear that we are not yet in a position to safely move toward a significant reopening”.

Mr. County Executive, can you explain to us what is a safe position? Is it fewer cases? Fewer hospitalizations? Exactly what is the benchmark?

His further reasoning revolves around the fact that the number of daily tests, contact tracing, and personal protective equipment must improve.

Once again, improve how? How exactly is the county going to get more PPE and tests, let alone begin to contact trace? Just what are his benchmarks?

If ever a decision was made with no basis to make it, this was it!

If Mr. Olszewski was a business owner and made these kinds of decisions, his doors would be closed permanently.

Which, ironically, is what will happen thanks to Mr. Olsweski’s decision. Simply put, hundreds of businesses will remain shuttered, and many of them may never reopen.

Instead, Baltimore County residents will drive to Harford or Carroll counties to get their hair cut or purchase the goods/services they can’t get in Baltimore County.

And what about the financial impact to the county, folks? Millions in tax revenue will be lost by this shortsighted decision, causing more pain for county citizens.

Let’s not forget the many thousands who remain out of work and suffering serious financial hardships until something magical happens that causes Mr. Olszewski to reopen Baltimore County.

The citizens of Baltimore County need and deserve to know the conditions that will result in a full phase I opening of Baltimore County.

The Baltimore Post does not believe that Johnny O has the political wisdom, or guts, to back any of his imperial edicts.

Can you imagine if a religious group opened its doors and decided to practice their freedom of religion? What would Johnny O do other than scowl and wag a finger at them?

It would be hard to imagine that a Socialist/Progressive/Democrat would ever challenge people that choose to practice their constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Does anyone really believe that Johnny O would have the guts to stop a religious service from taking place? ( Photo credit/Facebook)

Yet, while Johnny O wants you to follow his guidelines without question, he continually flaunts the laws established by the federal government in dealing with issues like illegal immigration.

The Baltimore Post has received dozens of complaints from citizens struggling to survive during this pandemic. The following video, despite not showcasing a local story, encapsulates some of those feelings:



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