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Could this gaffe possibly end the Olszewski political dynasty?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th May 2020
As seen here, signing off on $78 million worth of aid to Tradepoint Atlantic has its perks. (Photo Credit: Facebook.com)


In order to set the tone for this article, we ask that you click the link below to view a report from Fox News’ Jesse Waters in which he describes the draconian lockdown that threatens both the US economy and the right of Americans to pursue their freedoms as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Pay particular attention to the interview that begins at 8:40 in which Mr. Waters interviews Dr. Scott Atlas from Stanford University on factual data concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Fox’s Jesse Waters says people will not tolerate lockdown any longer

The video clearly shows us what happens when politicians put their own agendas ahead of their constituents.

Which leads us into this column about the same type of tyranny happening on the local front.

The following photograph reveals that our politicians’ agendas leap straight into the world of corporate welfare and cronyism. Simply put, campaign contributions and special perks for the pols can get a lot of our precious tax dollars showered upon billionaires.


The only face missing in this crowd of politicians and corporate cronies is that of Johnny O. (Photo Credit: Tradepoint Atlantic)

How else could one explain the generous $78 million gift showered upon TPA’s owners—Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciottti and his billionaire cousin, Jim Davis—first by the late Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and now by the current dictator Johnny O?

(Publisher’s Note: Just in case anyone thinks that description of the current county executive seems a bit harsh, read our last column about Johnny O’s decision to keep Baltimore County in the dark despite the governor moving into phase one of his plan to reopen the state of Maryland.)

In our opinion, Johnny O’s decision to keep Baltimore County under this draconian lockdown will cause more harm to the citizens than the coronavirus. Plenty of county residents and business owners are reeling from the economic consequences of a county executive who appears Lost in Space.

Yet, TPA appears untouched financially by the lockdown, as the article linked below suggests. (Before reading the piece and listening to the interview with TPA’s VP Aaron Tomarchio, please make sure that you are up to date on all medications.)

Despite coronavirus, it’s business as usual at Tradepoint Atlantic

Could it be that TPA has been able to weather the economic storm thanks to the massive surge of our tax dollars? Inquiring minds want to know…

Back to our initial premise for this column, we aren’t the only ones questioning Johnny O’s foolhardy decision to keep the county closed. The following link to Johnny O’s Facebook page will allow other voices of Baltimore County citizens to be heard, so to speak. One would be hard-pressed to find a complimentary comment about the decision to keep us locked down despite the opposite action taken by the governor.

John Olszewski Jr.’s Facebook page

It appears that Johnny O has followed the lead of Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young. The Post believes that this is a grave mistake on the part of the Olszewski administration that is based on the failed, crime-ridden, and bankrupt political agenda of city leaders.

Throughout history, it has been shown time and time again that once-promising political figures who made such terrible and drastic decisions paid a steep political price. Could it be that this article’s featured image possibly revealed troubled times ahead even before the coronavirus struck?

As always, our motto here at the Post is, “You read; you decide.”

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