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County orders church to cease and desist; council ‘lockdown’ vote set for Thursday at 10 am
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th May 2020
The leader of the pack is pictured on the left while the follower is on the right. (Photo Credit: Fox45 News)

It’s a case of city trumping county, folks.

The leader of this lockdown insanity appears to be Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. The follower, who proudly adopts the mantra of a socialist/progressive/Democrat, is our county executive, Johnny O.

In the leader’s own words:

“I became mayor after the indictment of a mayor, the second mayor to be indicted for some wrongdoing…I have guided this ship down the river the whole time not skipping a beat….I’ve only been in this job one year. And in the year that I have been here, I’ve guided this city with a steady hand and have been very progressive in just about everything that I’ve done.”

The insanity we are speaking about is multifaceted. It envelops our economy, society, and health, and it will destroy more lives than the coronavirus ever could.

One particular medical expert, Dr. Marc Seigel from Fox News, stated that the number of suicides in this country directly resulting from this draconian lockdown will take more lives than the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, at 10 AM Tuesday morning, the Baltimore County Council will vote on whether or not “we, the people” will be able to celebrate Memorial Day weekend or our nation’s independence on July 4 without being threatened by those carrying out the orders of misguided and bureaucratic politicians.

Speaking of the draconian iron-fisted rule of the left, the following link details the “cease and desist” order given to the Calvary Baptist Church.

Church ordered to cease and desist

During this government trampling of our civil rights guaranteed under the Constitution, we’ve learned that one particular politician may be taking “social distancing” to a whole new level.

The Post received a phone call from a source indicating that Johnny O maybe incognito. The source stated that our county executive is somewhere in the Carolinas.

One would think that the Baltimore County Executive would want to be at the helm during such a crucial time, but we suppose progressives are not known for their thought processes.

If, in fact, Johnny O is AWOL, that means Councilwoman Cathy Bevins is technically in charge of the county government due to her role as council chairperson.

Speaking of which, the following resolution was presented by Mrs. Bevins by the request of Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr.:


Please click on the image below to view the entire document

We wanted to get more information about the lockdown vote, the county executive’s location, and the order against the church. To that end, The Baltimore Post tried to contact 7th District Councilman Todd Crandell, but he apparently continues to work a strict 9-to-5 schedule and did not return our phone calls.

You may remember that The Baltimore Post was admonished by Councilman Patoka’s office for not reaching out for a response regarding another matter. That is why we also sent an email to Councilman Patoka requesting a response. As of press time, we have not received a reply from Councilman Patoka’s office.

Stay tuned, folks. It will be interesting to see just how far and for how long these draconian rules will be applied to a supposedly free country.

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