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Councilman Patoka offers no response to the continuing saga of the county executive’s whereabouts
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 23rd May 2020
Sometimes, asking a tough question elicits a non-response. (Councilman Izzy Patoka; photo credit/Baltimore County Government)

The Baltimore Post felt that it might be more reflective to accentuate the tone of the council’s vote to maintain the stranglehold on our civil liberties. We went through our archives and found what we thought was an appropriate poem that some people may remember from a very more prosperous and happy time.

Twas the night before the crucial vote, and all through the council chambers not a creature was stirring not even a mouse (or rat, if you will). The local businesses hung their hopes of reopening on the chimney of Johnny O’s new house.

Was there a rift among the riff-raff? (Photo credit/Facebook)

You get the gist, folks…

Meanwhile, as we reported, there was a question about the county executive’s whereabouts in the days leading up to that crucial council vote. Our sources say he was a couple of states away, so we again attempted to do our due diligence and get more information:

You may remember that The Baltimore Post was admonished by Councilman Patoka’s office for not reaching out for a response regarding another matter. That is why we also sent an email to Councilman Patoka requesting a response. As of press time, we have not received a reply from Councilman Patoka’s office.

Just to be sure that we did not miss a response from the councilman, the Post called his office again to ask where Johnny O was the night prior to the vote. After numerous “ringy dinghies,” (credit: Lily Tomlin), our call went to voicemail.

That seemed rather interesting, especially for a politician who criticized the Post for not reaching out to his office after we questioned the county’s “9-to-5” emergency coronavirus hotline.

We wonder how we’ll get the blame this time, considering we did exactly what the councilman told us to do.

Now, back to some reality. Click the following link to view a very interesting take on the lockdown:

Lockdown may have caused additional deaths in coronavirus pandemic

You will notice that The Baltimore Post often uses videos to capture the spirit of our words. To that end, we believe the famous movie clip below will sum up the decision by “Johnny No!”


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