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Baltimore County Council Chair Cathy Bevins rants, then censors comments on social media
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 26th May 2020
Sometimes, people in high places should follow the rule, “Silence is Golden.” (Photo credit/Facebook)

Baltimore County Council Chairwoman Cathy Bevins went on a social media rant over the weekend after a photo was posted about her grandson’s graduation party.

There are two main issues at play here, folks.

First, Mrs. Bevins introduced a resolution, on behalf of Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr., that extended the draconian “Shelter in Place” edict affecting citizens, churches, and businesses in the county.

The Baltimore Post finds it disconcerting that Chairwoman Bevins thinks that politicians (and their families) have a special exemption that allows them to have privileges that are taboo for the rest of their constituents.

Second, Mrs. Bevins may find herself in a situation similar to Governor Larry Hogan, who deleted comments from his political Facebook page. That act ultimately led to a lawsuit and a determination that politicians are prohibited from censoring comments with which they don’t agree.

We invite you to view a selection of comments from Mrs. Bevins’s Facebook page below. It is easy to see the double standard set forth by the political ‘elite.’

Simply put, her actions (and those of her family) were a far cry from the resolution restricting businesses, places of worship, and gatherings. As you may recall, that passed by an overwhelming majority council vote.

Long story short, folks, Councilwoman Bevins’s actions echoed the classic idiom, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Read on for the comments and judge for yourselves.


I want each one of you who have commented hateful remarks on this page to know it doesn’t hurt me..I’m from Dundalk and you ain’t got nothing on me…but when some lowlife snatches a picture taken yesterday at my Grandsons graduation and post it on the reopen BC page and then makes up lies, you’ve crossed the line!! This was his day! Not mine! We had masks on and social distancing at the ceremony! You weren’t there, yep I kissed him too! And hugged him!! And you would too! Stop showing how small you have become. And for you women that have posted all day and think it’s ok that a man called me Fat, Drunk, Uneducated and a Cunt! Shame on all of you, it just shows what has become of humanity. The women in my life…we lift each other up, not tear each other apart. We can disagree, debate but when it comes to the BS on this page and now the stealing of a special photo SHAME on all of you

Mary A. Taylor Sorry Councilwoman Bevins you can’t pick and choose what posts you decide to keep or delete. Governor Hogan lost a lawsuit doing the same thing.

Office of Ethics and Accountability



File an Ethics Complaint - Baltimore County
File an Ethics Complaint – Baltimore County

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