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Law firm claims police ordered not to interfere with BLM graffiti on public school buildings
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th June 2020

The Baltimore Post received a letter from numerous sources; the letter indicates that the Baltimore County Police Department is being told (by at least one commander) that officers are not to intervene in certain activities related to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

The following is a copy of the letter, supposedly written by a precinct commander:

Click the image to view the entire letter


Trust us when we say we do not actively seek out this type of information. What we’re presenting directly reflects the often suppressed outrage of many community leaders regarding the wasting of their tax dollars, as well as their issues with Baltimore County law enforcement.

The Post spoke to officers at the Pikesville Precinct, who advised us to contact the BCPD public information office. Sgt. Vickie Warehime, BCPD Public Information Officer, sent us the following response:

Please reach out to Brandon Oland PIO for BCPS. He is copied in this email.


The below Facebook post has been addressed. The BCoPD will continue to serve and protect our communities as stated in the oath we took when sworn in.

The Baltimore Post also made at least two attempts to contact the FOP President Dave Rose for comment, but he did not return our phone calls.


FOP Pres. Dave Rose is featured on the left.  (Photo credit/Picvki)

The Post also reached out to Baltimore County Public School Board member Julie Henn, who did not respond to us. However, she made the following comment on Facebook:

Julie Henn  It’s chalk. There are no damages and I have no knowledge of this statement and believe it to be false.
Ms. Henn also posted a rather lengthy response from the principle of Hillcrest Elementary School:

Please click on the image below to read the entire letter

Meanwhile, WBAL TV 11 News covered this issue. Their report included the following quote:
“I’m telling them that black lives matter. I’m telling them this is an important moment in history, and I’m telling them that there is a lesson to be learned about what’s right and what’s wrong,” said Chris Grybauskas, a parent.


Click here to view the WBAL TV 11 report on the Hillcrest Elementary School issue
We’re curious how a parent can claim to be teaching right from wrong when the defacement of public school buildings is, for all intents and purposes, against the law:


Click here to read the Maryland law pertaining to graffiti

As we’ve said in the past, The Baltimore Post will support anyone wishing to express their First Amendment right to free speech. However, the Post will not support defacing or graffitiing any public building at the expense of Baltimore County taxpayers.

There is a constitutionally protected right way to protest and have your message heard by the people. Every American citizen has a duty to respect every other person’s point of view.

Without public discourse, there is only anarchy.

At what point does society say enough is enough? Why can’t some people understand that the violence and vandalism doesn’t get the message across more clearly? In reality, it only distracts people from the message.

Without law and order, society will cease to function and beget consequences and wounds that may take decades to heal.

Meanwhile, we have to question Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski’s stance on this issue. Johnny O has said on multiple occasions that minorities have the right to live in decent neighborhoods. Is his new liberal/progressive/socialist/Democrat view that it is now acceptable to deface and vandalize property based on one’s social status?

In an upcoming column, The Baltimore Post hopes to take a closer look at the Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group. This law firm has been front and center posting about recent issues, including the school defacement and the violence in Ocean City.

We’ve grabbed a few gems from their Facebook page, including a post on the letter we shared at the beginning of this column (which you may have noticed featured their watermark).

A very credible source provided this information and we stand by the information in this post. We do not rely only on mainstream media as our sources of information. As proven many times before, we often receive information before the local media. Thank you.

The Post did some digging into the law firm and found the following video among several posted on YouTube:


We’ll have more on this issue as information becomes available.



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