Councilman Jones should be careful what he wishes for
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th June 2020
A politician who is supposed to be on the ‘up and up’ issued a rather pompous statement. (Photo credit/Baltimore County Government)

Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones is making some statements that are, in our opinion, quite ludicrous.

As the ‘mob rule’ continues to take over in Baltimore County, could it be that some questionable politicians are looking to divert attention away from their misdeeds?

The Post’s articles on Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones

Fear, not Mr. Jones. There is no one in Baltimore County under liberal influence who would have the guts to investigate any possible wrongdoing among politicians on the left side of the political fence.

But, on the other hand, while the council thinks it is kicking a dead horse, we hope that horse one day may stop playing dead and kick back.

Mr. Jones thinks that, without any training or knowledge of proper policing, certain questionable pols can divert attention away from their shenanigans by taking over law enforcement in Baltimore County.

The following quote shows his pompous attack on a police department that is nationally accredited:

“We as citizens, we as elected officials are standing up, listening to the citizens, saying and demanding, ‘Work for us. We will tell you how you are going to do your job,'” Jones said.

Meanwhile, our progressive/socialist/Democrat Baltimore County Executive Johnny O announced some Police Reform Initiatives.

The Post suggests you take some antacid to settle your stomach before you read those initiatives because they are, in our opinion, disgustingly false.

Notice how Johnny O wants to increase the transparency of the MPIA (Maryland Public Information Act) for issues that pertain directly to the BLM movement.

What perplexes us is the initiative to reform an already nationally accredited police department.

Then again, we do see some need for some changes. Especially since The Baltimore Post has been trying since April 2019 to get information about the death of a beloved community leader:

Articles on the death of a long time Harborview community leader.

The Post can only speculate why it continues to take more than a year to find out about the death of a white female, especially since we’ve suspected all along that there has been a deliberate attempt to cover-up the investigation.

As the old idiom goes, “The fox is guarding the henhouse.”

Our motto is, and will always be, “You read; you decide.”




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