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Councilman Jones should ‘walk the walk’ before he ‘talks the talk’ on police reform
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th July 2020
Is Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones now an expert on law enforcement? (Photo credit/Baltimore County Government)

In case you haven’t heard, Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones is leading the charge to reform the Baltimore County Police Department.

The Baltimore Post would strongly suggest that Councilman Jones think twice before attempting to reform a nationally accredited law enforcement agency.

The following quote from Councilman Jones is a rather interesting one:

 I am determined to bring about change that positively impacts our community as a whole and pass legislation that will undoubtedly move our community in a more prosperous direction. I strongly believe that dialogue is important and helps to shape, holistically, a better Baltimore County and District 4.

Apparently, since Mr. Jones is upset about the problems in his own district, he believes there is a need to change all of Baltimore County to fit his vision.

One would think that a county leader might want to check the following information before he makes such an outlandish statement:

Baltimore County Police Department receives gold standard award

To show you how clueless this political hack is, the information above was taken from the Baltimore County public safety page, which is available to everyone.

So much for research…

As you can see by the number of likes and shares in the following image, the support for such draconian actions is falling on deaf ears.

Our readers may be intrigued by the foolishness involved in Mr. Jones’s efforts to reform anything, especially when it comes from within our seemingly corrupt county government.

The Post sent Councilman Jones an email asking if he consulted with anyone before proposing the BCPD reform. We believe that question is fair since Mr. Jones has never worn a badge or walked a beat, so to speak.

Not shocking that the left-wing/socialist/progressive councilman did not respond to our request.

That’s when The Post did a little digging and found out (through another liberal hack media group) that Councilman Jones consulted the Baltimore County Council Attorney before he proposed his bill.

It will be interesting to see exactly where the other council members stand regarding the bill. Will they back our men and women in blue, or will they toe the line of the current BLM movement?

In our opinion, folks, we don’t believe the citizens of Baltimore County want another ‘Bill De Blasio-type’ environment where children are gunned down in the streets and mob rule turns society over to mindless criminals.

Time will tell how many people support this radical change for the Baltimore County Police Department. Until then, Councilman Jones will have to lie in the bed he’s made by thinking he knows best.

In the meantime, The Baltimore Post will make our own call for reform, particularly pushing the following political agenda:



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