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Should the nonprofit DRC publicly endorse BLM?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 12th July 2020

Folks, it’s no secret that we’ve had our issues with Dundalk Renaissance (DRC) in the past.

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Once again, we question the DRC’s agenda in its latest grandstanding measure: public support for the BLM movement.

We get that it’s fashionable to support BLM in the public eye. Lately we’ve seen everyone from actors and sports stars to CEOs and political figures either joining or condoning the protests.

We’ve even seen Baltimore County police officers kneeling in support.

So, some may not blink an eye when the DRC posts a Statement of Solidarity and promotes a BLM rally on its Facebook page.

We at the Baltimore Post question such bold statements coming from a taxpayer-funded nonprofit organization.

Especially when BLM has people questioning its true motives.

Whether we like it or not, folks, our tax dollars fund the DRC. And apparently they can do whatever they want with our money, regardless of what we say or believe.

But why is this 501(c)(3) organization involved in any protests, peaceful or otherwise? Why are they spending our money to update their website and show support for BLM? How many more of our tax dollars will fund their show of support for BLM?

Most importantly, why don’t we get a say in any of this?

Simply put, the DRC needs to decide if it is a nonprofit or a political movement. Once that determination is made, they can do whatever they want … as long as it doesn’t involve the tax dollars that come from hard-working Baltimore County residents.

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