Dutch Dogs Donors, Disregards DAV
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 31st July 2017
Why so glum Dutch? You have a wall surrounding your home–and your heart–since you turned your back on a disabled veteran.


While a disabled vet suffers, Dutch pleads for some cash.

The Baltimore Post will donate $100 if the Congressman helps the vet get back his $3,300.

Folks, I received an email that absolutely gagged me with a spoon (speaking from the ’80s)! I was so disgusted when I read it, and I knew that I had to write about this dastardly deed.

It seems Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger has lost sight of reality. Why so, you may ask? Well, for one thing, he is a Democrat who, like is counterparts on the left, doesn’t like laws that exclude anyone.

Yet he lives in gated community. So much for political commitment.

On top of that, I’m quite sure Congressman Ruppersberger is, by now, a very wealthy man. In fact, most career politicians belong to the exclusive “fatcat” club. They line their pockets while our nation is in tatters.

Don’t believe that last part of the sentence? How about the fact that Democrats left our country almost $21 billion in debt with a failing infrastructure that even the Army Corps of Engineers rated very low.  Another issue deals with the Dems and their insistence on creating a racial division in this nation, as we have seen when college campuses across the country shut down free speech. Beyond that, just Google the status of the United States in various categories–you may be shocked at how far we have fallen.

The United States is now seventh in the world order. This is unconscionable for a nation that, at one time, was the undisputed leader of all civilized societies.

Despite all of this, Dutch is pleading for money from us common folks.  Maybe I shoould call the disabled vet and tell him to write a check quickly so Dutch can make up a $5,000 shortfall (more explanation on that below). Another gagging issue is that the Congressman expects that amount every month.

I guess when one is a career politician (and a wealthy one at that) there is no need to put one’s own “skin in the game.” That just leaves a trail of broken veterans in the wake of Dutch’s leadership, which, to me, is beyond the pale.

This particular quote from Dutch’s recent cash grab email is two spoons full of gagging:

He’s got our backs. Now it’s our turn to have his.

I question who is watching out for our wounded warriors and severely disabled vets. For them, $3,300 is a lot of money and could very well threaten their survival.

So the Baltimore Post makes the following pledge. Dutch, if you can make a phone call and help this veteran retrieve what he lost from the VA, we will donate $100 to your campaign. And, after witnessing your good deed on behalf of a wounded warrior, I’m sure some other people might follow suit.


Hi Buzz,

We know you’re busy, so we’ll cut right to the chase: Dutch still hasn’t reached his $5,000 goal for the month.

Dutch is committed to protecting Maryland families and to holding the Trump administration accountable. He’s got our backs. Now it’s our turn to have his.

Contribute $5 or whatever you can to help us reach $5,000 by midnight tonight.

Thanks for your help and all you do for Dutch.

Team Ruppersberger

No folks, you’re going to love this. Just as I was cleaning up my spoons another email from the Congressman came in here’s a quote that was hard to swallow, not to mention he wants the money by midnight:

Dutch is committed to protecting American families and holding the Trump administration accountable. He’s got our backs. Now it’s our turn to have his.


Below is one page of many sent by this veteran trying to get back part of his life. There is also a letter to Dutch that we will publish later. The letter reveals the suffering that some of our veterans go through at the hands of the failed VA system.  (Click on page to enlarge)



We say this is the time for Congressman Ruppersberger to put up or shut up.

Below you will find another story that the Post finds just as egregious as the one above. The quote and links will bring you up-to-date on the story of a disabled paraeducator.  Actually, there was a very similar story involving a hearing impaired educator, but that particular person did not have the strength to fight back against the system. The educator listed in the stories below did attempt to fight back, and that fight is what the Post will detail when we describe the most recent events that crushed a family’s ability to survive, as well as the politicians who chose to turn a blind eye to someone who needed help.

It is perplexing to this writer why, with all the power bestowed upon our political leaders, that they run and hide under rocks and other façades when it comes time to do their job, totally ignoring their responsibility to constituents.

The Baltimore Post  will list each and every one of these lame pols who, in our opinion, failed to do their sworn duty.

Stay tuned for more as this tragedy is exposed to our readers.

Please explain to me why one of Dance’s bureaucrats would fire a 20-year dedicated deaf paraeducator with a good record, causing her family to suffer terribly while the Superintendent rides around in his second new $70k SUV. Ask him what happened to the first SUV.


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