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Republican Senators to Gov. Hogan: Leave Local Businesses Open
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd July 2020

We came across this little ditty on Facebook today:

All we can say is, “Bravo!”

We applaud the Republican Senators, including our own Sen. Johnny Ray Salling, for their show of support for local businesses.

Bars and restaurants had to close their doors when the pandemic first hit, and some of them didn’t survive the shutdown. Those that did struggled mightily to make it to this point, even going above and beyond to ensure that guests are properly distanced and protected while the pandemic still rages.

Closing them down again now would surely put the final nails in their proverbial coffins.

Folks, none of the Democratic leaders spoke out about face masks or social distancing during the protests. Yet now they’re putting pressure on the governor to hurt local business owners even more?

The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

We stand with the State Senators who signed the letter to keep our bars and restaurants open. We urge Governor Hogan not to give in to the fear mongering and pressure being applied by the Democratic Senators. And we support our local business owners as they continue to operate in this time of crisis.

One final thought: With all of the contact tracing going on, how many people testing positive for COVID-19 are being identified as having attended a protest? When will they add that information to the contact tracing data?

We’re guessing the answer to that is, “When pigs fly.”

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