Seattle mayor decries use of federal officers to end CHOP zone occupation
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th July 2020
Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan said denying federal law enforcement assistance to combat violence is “unconscionable,” despite the rhetoric the Democratic mayor is spewing. (Photo Credit/FOX News)

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Some liberals can’t seem to get out of their own way, folks.

According to FOX News, the Democratic mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, spewed some serious rhetoric. She said that the use of a federal Special Response Team to end the violent and destructive occupation of her troubled city was a “dry run for martial law.”

How can Ms. Mayor continue to defend rioters and protesters who injured 60 police officers with improvised explosive devices projectiles, wood, frozen water bottles and metal?

How can she simply ignore all the damage the protesters did to the six-block CHOP zone, where buildings were severely damaged and small businesses were all but wiped out of existence?

At least Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan had the courage to defend the use of federal officers:

…to deny any type of assistance from any law enforcement entity to me is unconscionable and I have yet to hear one elected official show concern for the officers that were hurt…

Sloan went on to say that cops remain “in the crosshairs” while noting that no pols had shown concern for the injured officers.

President Trump pledged to restore law and order through the use of federal officers. That strategy, as evidenced by the dismantling of the Seattle CHOP zone, appears to be the correct move.

Police departments have had their budgets reduced. Police officers receive repeated orders from so-called leadership to stand down and let the protesters have their way.

These not-so-peaceful protests need to end, and we’re glad someone has the guts to make that happen.

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