Conspiracy or cover up? BCPD and Chief Hyatt continue to withhold information from The Post
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th July 2020

Anyone thinking we were going to extend an olive branch to Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt or the spokespersons for her department are greatly mistaken.

We prefer to be the thorns in their sides as we continue our quest for answers and the truth.

Case in point, our investigative articles regarding the death of beloved community leader Georgia Bartrum.

Mrs. Georgia Bartrum, long-time president of the Harborview Community Association. (Photo credit/Kaczorowski Funeral Home)

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For more than a year, The Baltimore Post has been seeking information about the circumstances surrounding Mrs. Bartrum’s death.

We’ve sent multiple emails. We’ve filed PIA requests. And we’ve mentioned how our requests keep being ignored in various articles.

Despite all that, we’ve continue to be turned away.

Imagine if that happened to The Sun or the Baltimore TV stations. The backlash would be fierce.

Yet, here we are at the end of July 2020, more than 15 months after Mrs. Bartrum’s untimely death, still without answers.

All we can do is continue to ask WHY?

Why is the BCPD not providing the information sought in our two PIA requests? We even went to the Office of the Attorney General after the deadlines passed without any response, but even that didn’t compel Chief Hyatt or her spokespersons to honor our requests.

Yet there’s no moral outrage. No public outcries or marches or protests or … anything. It’s as if nobody (aside from her family and close friends) cares about the circumstances that surround Mrs. Bartrum’s death.

But WE care. And we won’t rest until this conspiracy or cover up is finally put to an end.

If anyone should be extending an olive branch, it should be Chief Hyatt and the BCPD. Give us the information we’ve been seeking for more than a year. Show the public that there can be transparency within our county government as Johnny O promised on the campaign trail.

Until that happens, we’ll keep reminding everyone just how secretive and dismissive our police department has been … and continues to be.

The ball is in your court, Chief Hyatt.

Feel free to prove us wrong.


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