Portland mayor witnesses unexpected (and ironic) backlash for supporting protesters
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th August 2020
Protesters in Portland have been far from peaceful. They’ve attempted to blind police officers with lasers, thrown projectiles, and launched fireworks at first responders. (Photo Credit: New York Post)

Folks, we’ve been writing about the danger associated with letting BLM and Antifa protests continue unabated.

In many instances, pols have been ignoring the facts and standing staunchly (or stubbornly, if you will) behind the not-so-peaceful protesters.

Or calling for knee-jerk police reforms against departments that don’t deserve the criticism.

Now we’re seeing that some of those pols are now getting “aggressive backlash” from the protesters.

Case in point – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is now facing a serious election battle.

Mayor Wheeler apparently can forget getting votes from the protesters he sympathized with—they booed and heckled the mayor when he met with them last month, and they called loudly for his resignation.

Mr. Wheeler fired right back at the protesters last week, telling them that they’re giving the Trump Administration plenty of footage to use in campaign videos. He also provided a serious warning to would-be arsonists:

“You are not demonstrating; you are attempting to commit murder.”

What many may not realize is Mayor Wheeler just gave the justification for responding police officers to use deadly force against the protesters.

As stated in the guideline document “Police Use of Deadly Force,” a police officer may use deadly force to apprehend a suspect in a felony involving “an actual or threatened attack which the 48 officer has reasonable cause to believe could result in death or serious bodily injury.”

Mr. Mayor, you just gave justifiable cause for the impetus of the whole protest movement.

Maybe you should think a little more before you speak.

Folks, as a former police officer of 39 years, I can tell you firsthand that it is a very stressful job that is fraught with peril almost daily.

It takes a very special individual to wear a badge, and—unfortunately—not everyone who wears a badge has the necessary patience or skills. That has been made clear every time a suspect, or an innocent civilian, dies unjustly at the hands of a police officer.

We stand behind what we’ve said in the past: We respect the right to protest peacefully. But, as seen below and in our featured image, these protests have been far from peaceful.

The backlash against the police keeps having major ripple effects. One of those ripples may cause a tsunami close to home, as we will detail in a future article.

Stay tuned, folks. This is another situation that is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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