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Cowardly Johnny O, Chief Hyatt KOed by BLM
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st August 2020
Instead of removing protesters who harass patrons, Baltimore County Police are following orders and letting the mob rule continue, as well as openly supporting the not-so-peaceful protests. (Photo Credit: Facebook.com)

Folks, it sickens us to say that the protests outside Vince’s Crab House continue … and continue to escalate.

How can our county executive stand idly by and let the mob rule affect a local business like this?

While that question seems rhetorical, the answer is easy: Johnny O and his police chief have been KOed by the BLM protesters. The ‘cowardly executive’ and the ‘chief of non-policing’ are choosing to side with the pathetic, woke mob that has taken it upon themselves to determine what is best for everyone else.

There have been a lot of allegations strewn about in the media from both sides, including claims that protesters are being paid to protest, protesters have been following employees and patrons after they leave the restaurant, and the leaders of the protests want Vince’s Middle River location to close so they can open a competing business.

The protesters have made their own claims about being harassed or assaulted. They claim they aren’t harassing patrons, but rather are just asking the customers questions about where their money is being spent.

Rather than deal in innuendo, we want to present some facts, folks.

In the following video, you can clearly hear that protesters aren’t ‘just asking questions.’ They are making racist allegations, using foul language, and trying to incite violence. (Publisher’s Note: The video contains strong and controversial language. Viewer discretion is advised.)

One may ask where the police are during all this. According to our sources, police officers have been given direct orders to not get involved or hamper the protests in any way.

That is unless someone threatens a protester.

Information received from Sergeant Vickie Warehime, Director of Public Affairs for the Baltimore County Police Department, shows that there have been only four arrests reported from Vince’s Middle River location since June, which would include the Vince’s patron who allegedly threatened the protesters.

One arrest dealt with a “warrant sworn out by a representative of Vince’s,” and Sgt. Warehime said that person turned turned themselves in at the Precinct.

Folks, the lack of police activity is a blatant slap in the face to the taxpayers of Baltimore County and the owners of Vince’s Crab House.

Simply put, the protesters are violating Maryland Criminal Law § 10-201, “Disturbing the public peace and disorderly conduct.”

A person who violates section 10-201 is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 60 days or a fine not exceeding $500 or both.

We also asked Sgt. Warehime how many citations were issued at Vince’s, but she did not provide that information.

The owners of Vince’s have filed several lawsuits: one against Johnny O, and one against the protesters. They’ve also filed a civil rights complaint with Department of Justice against Baltimore County and the cowardly county executive.

If Police Chief Melissa Hyatt actually let officers do their jobs, and if County Executive Olszewski would grow a backbone, this matter would have been solved long ago.

Instead, Johnny O and Chief Hyatt are letting a group with possibly ulterior motives harass a local business and its patrons daily.

All because, as the leader of the protests has said, “they need to go.” That is nothing but woke cancel culture speaking at its finest.

If the community at large doesn’t want a business, they let their dollars and cents do the talking. Since the owners of Vince’s Crab House say the business is “doing well” despite the protests, we believe the majority has spoken.

It is time for Johnny O and Chief Hyatt to do what they have been entrusted to do: serve and protect the citizens of Baltimore County.

Instead, they continue to cower in the corner and cater to the whims of BLM protesters.

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