Pointing Out the Warning Signs
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th August 2017
Photo courtesy from concerned citizen.  Since TPA is now sealed off this was the best shot the citizen  could get.


Despite the sign on the building, there is more propaganda than fact

Documents obtained by Baltimore Post reveal different story


It appears that Trade Point Atlantic’s sign on the building that appears to be future home of Under Armour may be somewhat of a misnomer.

First, I want you to read the document above that was sent to the Post by Aaron Tomarchio, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at TPA. When the Post asked Mr. Tomarchio about the current status, he sent the above letter–or, more precisely, a press release from 2016–to us. That is been the hype all along regarding TPA’s plans, as announced to the Sun in this link.

Response from TPA

The Post has been looking into various statements from TPA that don’t quite add up. As the idiom states, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

There are several more issues that the Post believes will scuttle not only the UA deal but lead to a more disastrous new vision, not just for TPA but also the Maryland Port Authority.

More on that story later.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent setbacks that may derail UA’s plans to occupy the TPA building, along with some other grandiose taxpayer-funded projects.

This report from CNBC shows that Under Armour is facing a rocky road. The fiscal health of the company is in question, and the company recently laid off 280 employees.

The bad news continues to mount as founder and CEO Kevin Plank is facing challenges in the competitive sports apparel world. This link goes into more detail.



Please click to enlarge image


In addition to the response from Mr. Tomarchio, the Post also requested a response from UA Corporate Headquarters. The apparel company said that someone would get right back to us, but that never happened. Also take a closer look at the date on the response from Mr. Tomarchio.  As stated before, he sent a letter that was nothing more than a rehash of a 2016 press release.

If you read the links we provided, setbacks that UA have endured do not bode well for leasing a facility at TPA. It is hard to ignore signs regarding the building and the glum economic reports. UA is competing with such giants as Nike, Reebok, Puma, and Adidas–all of which have been in the game a lot longer.

In addition to the most recent UA economic indicators, another issue lurks over the struggling sports apparel company relying heavily on taxpayer funded projects.  The Baltimore Brew raises some serious questions.

Additionally, reports say that the project is having a difficult time attracting major investors. This may be the primary reason why UA’s structure at TPA sits vacant, no matter what the sign says.

It is important to view the “First Right of Refusal” document. Basically, that means TPA is willing to hold the space for UA before any decision is made to allow another party to rent the facility.

First Right of Refusal of the Lease. Please click on the image to view the full document


As the Post has written before, TPA is nothing more than landlords looking to rent space to anyone, including 7-Eleven stores, retail space, and a training ground for Harley-Davidson to teach people how to operate their wares.

So far, the grandiose expectations for TPA–as predicted by our politicians–of 10,000 jobs is nowhere in sight. In fact, even the FedEx building was built by out-of-state labor through a company that handles all of FedEx’s facilities.

Our next installment in the continuing saga of what becomes of TPA will shock the conscience of every citizen living in Dundalk and surrounding Eastside locations. We predict that, if the goal moves forward (and some indicators show movement in that direction), the next move will destroy the entire Dundalk area and have major repercussions on the Chesapeake Bay.

Looking at the TPA site reminds this journalist of what Hiroshima looked like after we dropped the atomic bomb.

In our follow-up to this story, the Post will focus on a recent meeting at TPA that was attended by a limited number of guests. What they discussed will astound and boggle your imagination.

I would strongly suggest that everyone pay attention to your surroundings, because what may be coming will change that picture forever.

Update:  Shortly after publishing this article the Post received some disturbing information regarding two members of the Baltimore County Council and a grant awarded to UA’s CEO, Kevin Plank. The Post feels strongly that this grant is egregious and beyond the pale and should be reported in a separate article.

Thanks to the awareness of concerned citizens this information was forwarded to the Post within moments of the publication of this article.

Don’t touch that dial and stay tuned for more news, hot off the presses from The Baltimore Post.

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