BLM pushes Johnny O aside, takes control of county council and police department, and forces FOP to kneel
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th September 2020
Rather than post a photo of Johnny O’s lackey police chief, Melissa Hyatt, we’d rather show fallen Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio, who died in the line of duty protecting and serving our county. (Photo Credit:

Folks, there is no way to sugar coat this one.

John Olszewski, Jr. will probably go down in history as the worst county executive ever to have governed this once great jurisdiction.

Once again catering to a very vocal liberal mob, Johnny O and his council of “rubber stampers” have decided that the Baltimore County Police Department is in need of reform.

As seen in our featured image, the county executive and the county council are effectively relinquishing control to the BLM movement.

Forgive our language for a moment, folks. Just where in the HELL is the evidence that proves the council and county executive need to revamp and constrain a nationally accredited police department manned by officers who proudly serve and protect?

Where in the HELL are the stories of chokeholds and neck restraints used by Baltimore County Police causing injury or death to Black suspects?

Simply put, folks, those stories don’t exist.

We have asked numerous times in the past for the number of so-called victims and perpetrators of such homicides or assaults as related to ethnic background.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that neither Johnny O nor the BCPD would relinquish that information.

This whole SMART Policing Act garbage is nothing but a smear against the rank-and-file officers of the BCPD.

Even worse, this blatant slap in the face is being endorsed by “RINO” Councilman David Marks and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 4 President Dave Rose.

We hope both enjoy spending their 30 pieces of silver.

Simply put, our county and police ‘leaders’ are bowing down to a movement that reeks of Marxism.

How do the county executive, council members, police administrators, and FOP members who support this crap justify the statistical data that shows a record-breaking homicide year for Baltimore County?

At the top of this article, we provided a photo of a smiling woman who was dedicated to serving our community as a police officer. Had she not been tragically killed in the line of duty, we wonder if she’d have the same enthusiasm to serve a county and police administration that values the BLM agenda over its own police force.


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